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The Island by Thehoodedintrovert
The Islandby Spooky
Lizzie wasn't prepared to crash onto an uninhabited island at the young age of thirteen, but she was even more unprepared for every event that occurred afterward. As the...
DETROIT: Become Human [one-shots] by catharsxs
DETROIT: Become Human [one-shots]by l. e. morgan
▵One-shots about all the lovely characters in Detroit: Become Human! ▵Updates may be slow. I do not write smut/lemons. ▵More info in the first and second chapter !! ▵CR...
Detroit: Become Human Oneshots by JustineL166
Detroit: Become Human Oneshotsby |•Shookus|Totalus•|
This is all going to be X Readers so you might be confused. For example, one of my stories, Cinnamon Bun title is written as: Cinnamon Bun | Connor and Ralph, it is stil...
Outsiders preferences,imagines,and such  by trinityisbaby
Outsiders preferences,imagines,and...by Trinity Macchio💕🥺
Outsiders Preferences,imagines,and some sad stories cause who doesn't love these boys
70s/80s/90s Imagines by _HarajukuBarbie_
70s/80s/90s Imaginesby 1-800Barbie
Gifs Imagines 70s/80s/90s Ranked #1 in Feldman #4 in Haim
These are my DBH imagines from my Tumblr - the first ones are from android-babes and the newer ones are from swanimagines! All my imagines are for all readers and SFW, s...
eighties 'n' nineties imagines by -ASTR0CLUB
eighties 'n' nineties imaginesby — rihanna ☀︎︎
eighties 'n' nineties imagines. this book includes ; - gif imagines - imagines - headcannons requests are open :) slow updates ➪ started 06.12.20 ➪ Finished 00.00.00
[COMPLETE] Purple Hearts (Connor x Reader) Detroit: Become Human #Wattys2019 by midnightXcross
[COMPLETE] Purple Hearts (Connor x...by Midnight Cross
You've always had an interest in androids ever since you were a child. The very thought that technology could create an intelligent life-form that looked just like a hum...
『∂εтяσιт: вεcσмε нυмαη  σ η ε s н σ т s』 by AriellaR1
『∂εтяσιт: вεcσмε нυмαη σ η ε s н...by 𝐑𝐨𝐲𝐚𝐥 𝐄𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲™
REQUEST ARE CLOSED RIGHT NOW :) 《What's Allowed》 ⇰ Lgbtq ⇰ Smut ⇰ Fluff ⇰ Angst ⇰ Anything Really 《What's Not Allowed》 ⇰ Haters -------- !¡ REQUEST ARE CLOSED RIGHT NO...
The Lady and the Flies by NeverlandsDreamer13
The Lady and the Fliesby NeverlandsDreamer
Lord of the Flies Fanfiction One had the green eyes of emeralds and spoke like an angel. The other had the skin soft as snow and hair as red as hell. She loved them both...
[ in which a group of boys and one girl get stranded on an island. ] [ JACK X FEM!OC ] [ WE LEFT OUR ISLAND WITH NOTHING BUT PAINT STAINED FACES AND HAUNTING MEMORIES. ]...
The flash preferences and imagines  by superfan35
The flash preferences and imagines by superfan35
This story includes Barry Allen Cisco Ramon Harry wells Wally West Rhalp Dibny Julian Albert I do not own any of these characters #1 dibny #7 ralphdibny #9 harrywell...
Lord of the Flies: The Start of Something by jackalicious24
Lord of the Flies: The Start of So...by normal
15 year old Bree Wilkins doesn't expect much from her plane ride to a top notch British boarding school, until her plane crashes on a deserted island with only boys in h...
Identity Fraud  (One-shots) by asdfdkuu
Identity Fraud (One-shots)by Mouse
This "story" is a joke, but send me some IF ships (jamesxralph) and I'll more than likely make one for you. PLEASE NOTE: this story contains heavy cursing and...
A New Start by June13girl
A New Startby June13girl
This is my first shot at a non dc fanfic so I hope it turns out okay and that everyone enjoys it the Connor x Kara ship is really underrated so not expecting a lot of re...
Detroit: Become Human; Scenarios by MinMinWriting
Detroit: Become Human; Scenariosby Yasmin Ibrahim
These are all imagines, with all our androids! I'll do xReaders or AndroidxAndroid. I will do smuts as well (we aren't innocent here). Request in the comments, or messag...
The Guardians (Rise of the brave tangled dragons) Avengers AU. by RGVB1130
The Guardians (Rise of the brave t...by RGVB1130
This six people are reunited by destiny to replace the old age of heroes The Viking The Winter guy The blonde princess The archer princess. The genius kid The mad s...
The Missing Curtis Sister by trinityisbaby
The Missing Curtis Sisterby Trinity Macchio💕🥺
Daisy Curtis gets kidnapped at 6 years old. One day she returns home and meets her original family. She only remembers a few things from the day she got kidnapped,What w...
Your Still The One(Completed) by darkwrites11
Your Still The One(Completed)by darkwriteXD
★ikaw lng mahal ko hanggang sa huli★ ★ikaw lng sapat na★ ★ikaw ng wala nang iba★ ★hindi kita iiwan★ Wazzup its me so hi wazzup
We Ain't Goin' To Fight Anymore-A Darry Curtis Love Story by xsiriusleeblackx
We Ain't Goin' To Fight Anymore-A...by xsiriusleeblackx
what happens when Darry's secret crush comes back to Tulsa to visit? will he finally work up the courage to tell her how he feels? tears of sadness and pure joy as the m...