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Rake x Reader by MrPatatoFace
Rake x Readerby MrPatatoFace
This is self explanatory but there is no smut or lemons strictly because I mean honestly how would that work out!?!?
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (Male Reader) by thesleepymonster
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (M...by Zero Cipher
So, I'm bored and saw more of these female scenarios than male. Might as well give it a try. This is a uke reader. If I'm bored enough, I'll make a seme reader. Depends...
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Official Creepypasta Stories by AnimecrazyNeko
Official Creepypasta Storiesby The Fandom(s)' Mom
NONE OF THESE ARE MINE!!!!!! All of these (mostly) are official creepypasta stories that I found on- IN! a specific- CLASSIFIED! place. but, again, NONE. OF. THESE. CREE...
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Orlando and the Rake by Rei-Feels
Orlando and the Rakeby Rei Writes
After his body was buried, Orlando was the last thing on Sean's mind... until he has an unfortunate encounter with a rake. (This bitch is back at it again with the seque...
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Life at the creepypasta mansion by Saw-fangirl
Life at the creepypasta mansionby HiyA
y/n is a very nice person and has a great life, but something happens to their family in a fire. Having to go to an orphanage, y/n misses their family deeply and doesnt...
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Be More Chill Stuff by kinkytreeboy
Be More Chill Stuffby schwoopsie
MMMMMKAY SO This will include one-shots, fanart, and stories I think you should read! Lay a finger on Rich and I will end you! :D
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When Demon Meets Gang Member by KristenW14
When Demon Meets Gang Memberby Haby
Eric Rang was just an ordinary kid at first before everything has happened. Dared into the deep dark forest that holds many mysterious things was the beginning of it all...
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Sam the Murderer by Gs_The_Protecter
Sam the Murdererby Gs_The_Protector
A person getting rid of their enemy is chased in the forest by police only to get injured and start a new life as a creepypasta, what will happen on this roller coaster...
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Reunited by ShadedownGunn
Reunitedby AshlynnWoods
This story is about Monica, she is Slenderman's daughter, will Slender safely keep his child from Zalgo's reach?
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Book of Creepypastas • Collection by Spookylicious
Book of Creepypastas • Collectionby (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)
Here's a collection of old and new Creepypastas! I grew up reading and listening to these stories since elementary school. Here I am fresh out of highschool and my love...
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He's my father(creepypasta) by FanficProduser45
He's my father(creepypasta)by FanficProduser45
-+-+-+-+- For years I've been made fun of because of my hair, it's softer than silk, it doesn't make knots, it's never been to long or to short(at least not for me), it...
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Adopted By Creepypastas by -Dead_and_Dying-
Adopted By Creepypastasby Raven
Your name is Luna you where kick, punched, starved, slaped and cursed at by your parents u where bullied at school and one day you snapped (Hai guys hope you like this b...
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7 Top Gardening Tools You Should Own by buygrowsupplies
7 Top Gardening Tools You Should O...by buygrowsupplies
Gardening tools come in many shapes, sizes and functions. Tools are pieces to help with the cultivation of flowers, herbs, fruits or gardens of any type. An outdoor gard...
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Soft Side by PurpleKimiko
Soft Sideby FoxTRASH
(Y/N), a young girl who lived with an abusive family finds herself getting lost in the woods of the one and only Slenderman. Her whole life turned for the better till sh...
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Alexandra by vodkacranberries
Alexandraby Tori
*Book 3 in the Regency Series- can be read as a standalone.* Alexandra Whitlock grew up to be a romantic. However, upon her release into society at nineteen, she finds...
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Creepypasta Life: It starts with a Diary by Creepy_Pasta_Fans
Creepypasta Life: It starts with a...by A New Start
A young girl searching the forest with a video camera in hand, comes across a Diary of a Teenager. The Diary leads her into a world she would've never imagined, full of...
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Everything is Fine by Puppylover6543890
Everything is Fineby SmallWorldHuh
Ticcimask.... Thats all im saying
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Harry and the Shadows of the Night by SpOoOoOoKy_PaStA
Harry and the Shadows of the Nightby SpOoOoOoKy_PaStA
This is ANOTHER Harry Potter and Creepypasta crossover but without Helen. (For those who don't know who Helen is, she's my imaginary demon friend) This story was inspire...
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Female creepypasta by DarkReaper75
Female creepypastaby
As Chris had lost everyone he had ever cared about he was broken trying too escape his emptiness by playing vidiogames when one night he met the rake he barley made it o...
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Lost Love (Jeff the killer love story) PART 1 by TheOfficalKenma
Lost Love (Jeff the killer love st...by Yes I’m kenma
Amber moved to a new neighborhood. She isn't the type to socialize much,she's shy when it comes to meeting others, she had met Jeffrey woods and ended up being together...
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