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Only for you. (Jetra fanfic) [Completed]  by Zctym33
Only for you. (Jetra fanfic) [Comp...by Zctym33
Everything happens during the episode 5 of the season 2. What if Jesse lost? What if the Admin won and, furious, kidnapped the hero? What if two friends got seperated, w...
Reflection by mcsmfangirl1
Reflectionby mcsmfangirl1
After defeating the admin the order goes their separate ways leaving Jesse in Beacon town. Jesse thought staying in Beacontown and helping her town recover was the right...
The Secrets Beneath the Lies (MCSM Fanfic) by FanfictionalWarrior
The Secrets Beneath the Lies (MCSM...by The Cliffhanger Queen
It's been two years since Jesse and Petra left Beacontown, to explore the great unknown. But when Jesse receives a message from Lukas, calling her back to Beacontown, sh...
Something Lonesome About You (Hawkeye Pierce x Reader)  by AstralShadows
Something Lonesome About You (Hawk...by Evie Looshen
This is the story of a young, female doctor who goes to Korea to find her calling. She enlists and in put into the ranks of the 4077th M*A*S*H unit. There she will wor...
Minecraft Story Mode Artbook by positive_biscuit
Minecraft Story Mode Artbookby positive_biscuit
It's what the title says. I've been wanting to practice my drawings, and what better way than drawing request, I'll try my best and I hope you enjoy. Plus I'll explain t...
Minecraft Story Mode Season 3, Episode 1: Powerless by CassieRoseYoutube
Minecraft Story Mode Season 3, Epi...by Cassie Rose Minecraft Story M...
The day after Jesse and Romeo's battle at Terminal Space, Romeo is still trying to get over the loss of his powers. He's dragged to a party against his will, where he cr...
|Dusk| [MCSM MobAU] by ItsIch
|Dusk| [MCSM MobAU]by Ich
When the last admin died, everything went to chaos. The world, unbalanced and broken, now harboured a new evil. It swore to destroy everything and everyone, leaving them...
The Assassin's Curse by Jessesoftie
The Assassin's Curseby softie.andscene
"Her fingers... is that cobblestone?!" Following the events of MCSM: Season 2, legendary heroes Jesse and Petra race against time to find the cure to a strange...
RecedingSerenity's Memes by RecedingSerenity
RecedingSerenity's Memesby ✩Rise✩
...I need help XD I need a break from other story stuff to kinda clear up my writer's block, so here's a collection of stupid stuff relating to mcsm, read for some giggl...
MCSM: Reformed Rescuers #4 by Shamzies71
MCSM: Reformed Rescuers #4by Shamzies71
The order of the stone got kidnapped by Hadrian and Mevia, so who who will be their heroes and rescue them? People seen as weak, annoying, odd, and evil come to their re...
MCSM Season 2 Oneshots, Scenes, and More (Discontinued) by Petrafied101
MCSM Season 2 Oneshots, Scenes, an...by jae
BOOIII Time for some Season 2 stuff! In this book there will be: oneshots(mostly), scenes(somewhat mostly), memes(a little), and some more random stuff. Get ready for s...
From Past To Present [MC:SM] by _Mary_531_
From Past To Present [MC:SM]by Mary
It's been seven months since Jesse and Petra left for advetures but they decided to return in Beacontown for Christmas, where a surprise is waiting for them. But there i...
Save Me From Me (Jesstra) by RecedingSerenity
Save Me From Me (Jesstra)by ✩Rise✩
"Why can't it be you for once, Jesse?! Why can't you be the one suffering?!" As soon as those words left Petra's mouth, her own eyes widened. She's never said...
The Final Adventure by NeverEndingFanfics
The Final Adventureby #Potato451
Its been almost ten years since The New Orders first adventure, and after they defeated the Admin, they all decided it was time for them to go their separate ways. Lukas...
[MC:SM] Jetra Oneshots (Petra X M!Jesse) by RockStar_Foxy563
[MC:SM] Jetra Oneshots (Petra X M...by PST, I'M A NINJA!
Hi, foxes, it's my first oneshot book, so don't judge me c: Rules: -No lemons. (I SAID NO LEMONS!!!!!!!!) -I'm not taking F!Jesse x Petra requests, sorry. -Please enjoy...
MCSM x reader oneshots! by SCP-049_PlagueDoctor
MCSM x reader oneshots!by SCP-049
In the title baisicly Characters •(male) jesse •Romeo •Ivor •Soren •Jake •Lucas •Radar •The Warden •magnus •Gabriel The reader is female
A New Nurse In The 4077th by elisheba27
A New Nurse In The 4077thby Lizzy ✨
A continuing story about Y/N nurse and her adventures at the 4077th M*A*S*H unit. Features Colonel Potter, Charles Emerson Winchester III, BJ Hunnicut, and all the usua...
Forgetting and Forgiving (Minecraft Story Mode fan-fiction) by Sam2000_
Forgetting and Forgiving (Minecraf...by Sam2000_
(WARNING: This book is based off of an actual game named Minecraft Story Mode and does contain spoilers! If you haven't played and or watched Seasons 1 and 2 first then...
The Little Red Notebook by ReaTheMinecraftGirl
The Little Red Notebookby ReaTheMinecraftGirl
When Jesse starts to have vivid nightmares, she starts to believe something is wrong. After all, this has never happened to her before, and she decides that the others s...
MCSM Season 2 Bloopers by mcsm_mandyy
MCSM Season 2 Bloopersby Mandy
I made up some bloopers for MCSM. Some of them are probably trash😚 EEEE-