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exposing racists ☠︎︎ a must  by holyeilish
exposing racists ☠︎︎ a must by sza is a god
( 𝐅𝐔𝐂𝐊 𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐒 ) ━ in which i expose racists on all platforms!
Shots (Short Story) by LoveFaze
Shots (Short Story)by Rose D.
One Gun One Bullet And Two Lives Destroyed
Share These Issues by twistedqueenhere
Share These Issuesby twistedqueenhere
Here I'll be posting about very important issues that YOU can help with. Please message me if you hear about anything that you feel should be brought to awareness. There...
I Want To Be Alive by AnnaAmy14
I Want To Be Aliveby Natalia Amy
The sirens...the fear...the smell of blood...the screams...the crying...she was used to them but that didn't make them any less traumatizing for her. She wanted it to en...
My Demons by Michonne_Grimes
My Demonsby Michonne_Grimes
The things that make me want to kill myself
The Maid by Athene_Minerva_
The Maidby Athene Minerva
Leyla isn't a regualr maid .. She works for 3 super rich families that know each other but they don't know that she works for all of them . In each house she leaves her...
Masquerade (formarly Chosen One) by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
Masquerade (formarly Chosen One)by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
Rosalie Walker has gone by many names, Eliza Wright, Rose Phelps, Elizabeth Foster, Rosella Fisher, Ella Postman, and many more. As every one of these names, she found h...
Hilarious Phenomenons in my Life by vigaro_27
Hilarious Phenomenons in my Lifeby Clarku Kento
This is basically a comedy/diary/journal of all the hilarious moments that I've had at my all-boys tutoring classes. Note that there will be racist comments, age-restric...
The Real America  by Thequeen_Jay
The Real America by Thequeen_Jay
This story is about a black family who are being mistreated because of their race..... This story is mostly opening people's eyes to what's really happening in our count...
Hex The Racists by SumaiyaSithi
Hex The Racistsby Sumaiya Sithi
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I've been with you by vicaail
I've been with youby viciaal
Tanya is an african girl dating a white guy named Aaron.They started dating since their university days .They thought their love was too strong that it can conquer anyth...
Human Society by ilovbooks1234567
Human Societyby ilovbooks1234567
You think our society is fine as it is?? Is it?? Can you prove it? I dare you to read this book and challenge it. Throughout this book, I will mostly address the negativ...
We Were Once Friends  by sanchitadasghosh
We Were Once Friends by sanchitadasghosh
You know what hurts more than a breakup, fake friends. Have you ever been betrayed, talked abt behind the back? And not by someone random but your own bestfriend? Read...
Parks Family by hulk7680
Parks Familyby hulk7680
Rosa was not a loyal woman she gave up her husband for killing his brother on accident. This is my tale of what happened with Rosa Parks. Drama, racists humor all exists...
Hex The Racists Tee Shirt by KtlynSmith
Hex The Racists Tee Shirtby Ktlyn Smith
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Hex The Racists Official Tee by KtlynSmith
Hex The Racists Official Teeby Ktlyn Smith
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