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queens ( noah puckerman ) by garrenslake
queens ( noah puckerman )by — 𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓵𝓮𝔂
in which riley parker is the queen and noah puckerman's dying to have a taste. [ noah puckerman x fem!oc ] [ mature themes ] [ rewrite ]
  • sabrinacarpenter
  • quinnfabray
  • kurthummel
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unravel ➳ Sam Evans [2] 𝐑𝐄𝐖𝐑𝐈𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 by mmxiinarry
unravel ➳ Sam Evans [2] 𝐑𝐄𝐖𝐑𝐈...by ✰
𝐑𝐄𝐖𝐑𝐈𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 (& adding new chapters!) ❝i came back for you.❞ ♪ [book 2] [glee] [season 3] [sam evans x oc] [sequel to 'blessed'] [COMPLETED] [BOOK 3 UP NOW]
  • leamichele
  • samevans
  • chordoverstreet
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Nothing but trouble (a glee fanfiction) by gleebxby
Nothing but trouble (a glee fanfic...by gleebxby
Will and Sue are rivals. They spend every second of their days trying to figure out how to destroy each other. But what happens when Sue and Will's kids befriend each ot...
  • brittana
  • glee
  • brittneypeirce
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Reese Lavek ⚥ S. Smythe | ✓ (EDITING) by 1spotlight1
Reese Lavek ⚥ S. Smythe | ✓ (EDITI...by Kailie
Reese Lavek has had a pretty rough life, not realising that one of the biggest jerks in Ohio has it hard too... --- "I've been dying of laughter since she started t...
  • wattpride
  • sebastiansmythe
  • grantgustin
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Protective  by 5h_glee11
Protective by 5h_glee11
Santana Lopez has a sister named Isabella. Isabella's been through some rough stuff in the last few years and has had Santana beside her through all of it. This is the s...
  • finnhudson
  • santanalopez
  • mercedesjones
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True Colors  by wenrichtwanjari
True Colors by wenrichtwanjari
After Rachel Berry got bullied so much at her old high school, that she had to quit school. Her parents decide to move to Lima, Ohio. So Rachel would go to a new school...
  • gay
  • love
  • couple
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Glee and Prejudice by PretzelWatts
Glee and Prejudiceby Pretzel T. Watts
The year is 1813 in the town of Lima, UK and the Schuester family has just learned of the arrival of their new neighbour, a Mr. Finn Hudson. Along with him came the myst...
  • romance
  • klaine
  • janeausten
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Kicked Out by 0cecilia
Kicked Outby cecilia
Rachel Berry, the big star from glee club, Mr.Schue's sweetheart. But what will happen when Sunshine decided to join the New Directions taking the spot of sweetheart fro...
  • bridgetmendler
  • sunshinecorazon
  • gleeclub
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What I've lost by Darkdanniel
What I've lostby Olivia
Rachel Berry. 16 born and raised in old Lima, ohio She's not so popular but has an amazing voice but she keeps it on the down low. She has a secret only her family knows...
  • finchel
  • finnhudson
  • glee
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Help... by LiviKenzie
Help...by Olivia Makenzie
Rachel Berry. Perfect girl, Perfect grades, great dads, and A perfect boyfriend. Or so they thought, Rachel has slept with two people. Finn and Sam. Now Rachel is pregna...
  • finchel
  • teenromance
  • fued
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Lacuna | Glee Club by whoarewereally1
Lacuna | Glee Clubby 2004
"I never really found a place to call home in a long time until I was forced to join the new directions."
  • noahpuckerman
  • suesylvester
  • artieabrams
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Abusive by 0cecilia
Abusiveby cecilia
Rachel Berry is 16 and is in the sophomore year of High School, she dates Jesse St.James but he is an abusive boyfriend. What will happen when the story comes out and Je...
  • groff
  • glee
  • monchele
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Hanging On ➺ Finn Hudson by mmxiinarry
Hanging On ➺ Finn Hudsonby ✰
❝what if it was you?❞ ♫ [finnhudson x oc] [glee] [season 1-tbd]
  • noahpuckerman
  • brittanypierce
  • dianaagron
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Fake boyfriends(Klaine/Glee) by MyLifeLivesHere
Fake boyfriends(Klaine/Glee)by Mercedes Wilson
Who knew accidentally switching phones would lead them into a fake relationship....but could it lead to something more? ••• Hey guys! I hope you like this story I don't...
  • hummel
  • samevans
  • finnhudson
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smytheberry short stories by Pugsbunny88
smytheberry short storiesby Pugsbunny88
a collection of smytheberry one shots and short stories or in other words ideas that i cant get out of my head but cant figure out how to turn into a full story. hope yo...
  • teenpregnancy
  • rachelberry
  • smytheberry
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blessed ➳ Sam Evans [1] by mmxiinarry
blessed ➳ Sam Evans [1]by ✰
❝you look painfully single and i am painfully all alone. ❞ ♪ [sam evans x oc] [glee] [season 2] [COMPLETED] [BOOK 2 IS UP NOW] [NEW CHAPTERS ADDED IN!]
  • santanalopez
  • glee
  • samevans
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Please Don't Go (Klaine/Glee) by MyLifeLivesHere
Please Don't Go (Klaine/Glee)by Mercedes Wilson
*Sequel to Fake Boyfriends* Kurt is still madly in love with Blaine even five years after they broke up. The only problem is Blaine is in love with his new boyfriend. Or...
  • new
  • santanalopez
  • klaine
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smythebrry short stories part two by Pugsbunny88
smythebrry short stories part twoby Pugsbunny88
my first collection of smythebrry short stories has reached it parts limit so i am starting a new collection. hooe you loves this stories.
  • sbastiansmythe
  • rachelberry
  • smytheberry
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perpetually ➳ Sam Evans [3] by mmxiinarry
perpetually ➳ Sam Evans [3]by ✰
❝i love you even more than i ever have❞ ♪ [book 3] [sam evans x oc] [glee season 4] [COMPLETED]
  • ryderlynn
  • glee
  • noahpuckerman
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Hidden Hearts (Faberry) by ellienerd14
Hidden Hearts (Faberry)by Ellie :)
Quinn places a kiss on both my cheeks, then a peck on my lips before grabbing her coat. 'We'll practise tomorrow. I have dates to plan.' When Quinn Fabray joins the last...
  • kurthummel
  • quinn
  • wattys2017
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