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Endangered Love by President-Oberon
Endangered Loveby NotNowMr.President
"How about Red?" Rocket suggested, not even looking up. Red used to be you're average Terran fox, until some alien douche tried to make her better, by giving h...
Gang, Meet Freak [First in the Freak Series] by AnotherComicNerd
Gang, Meet Freak [First in the Fre...by Willow
"Ella Green, 17, school freak. Not that I'm bothered by that. It actually gives me a bit of peace. I mean, Batman comics aren't gonna read themselves. Is that my in...
Leon Kennedy X Reader by _-Spyro-_
Leon Kennedy X Readerby Parker-6A5
(Y/N) Ortega was a normal girl, shes living with her best friend in Raccoon City. Without being able to afford college she had little options for jobs, and she struggled...
Only Girls Know Girls by _chaeyummie
Only Girls Know Girlsby ∂єทyєℓм
where momo teaches how to flirt. mimo ff ©_chaeyummie
Opposites Attract Judd x Reader) by FoxyDo__
Opposites Attract Judd x Reader)by Ele-Chan
Ok so this is a cliche bad boy/good girl scenario but I'm just really interested in creating a story like this and Judd Birch seemed like the perfect character to use :)...
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios! XD by Fluffy_Triceratops
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios! XDby fluffy/rose 🖤
Warning! The first few chapters are horrible, since they were done by me a long time ago! XD Hey, my name is Raccoon, and this is my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boyfri...
Lost My Humie Rocket Raccoon x Reader by carlykenny2458
Lost My Humie Rocket Raccoon x Rea...by Don'tGitBit
He said five minutes. Ten minutes, tops. But then he never came back. He left you stranded on Knowhere. Back to the prison it all started, the Kyln, he finds you again...
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket X Reader Inserts by ivyshadowwolf4
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket X...by Chelsea
Here are some reader insert stories for Rocket Raccoon fans! This will include a chubby reader insert I made as well. I hope you enjoy!
Ezra (Raccooneggs) imagines/one shots  by Koala_Hawk
Ezra (Raccooneggs) imagines/one sh...by 🅼🅸🅻🅴🆈
Just some imagines and one shots for the handsome curly-headed boy that a lot seemed to fall in love with. (P.S Ezra owns my whole heart but don't tell him or he'll lega...
Tom Nookie by Needy_Kitty
Tom Nookieby Rachel G.
(Tom Nook x Reader) Just a random story I made since Animal Crossing is really trending rn! So just some insight: This story takes place in Acnl not Acnh. Sorry for thos...
The Little Raccoon by Lulu_kitty15
The Little Raccoonby Lulu_kitty15
Delirious has a curse which makes him a baby raccoon at night. One night he gets chased by a coyote. While escaping he runs into a tall tan Canadian. Will he help him a...
My Reason For Living by XxWolfLord95xX
My Reason For Livingby Brandon Wright
Sarah has been with Rocket and Groot since she saved Rockets life, and after they saved her from her abusive dad. As time goes on Sarah has been developing some feelings...
I thought I was the only one Rocket Love Story *Complete* by KathyTheCatLover
I thought I was the only one Rocke...by KathyTheCatLover
The only thing Kathy has ever known is a lab but now she's free. Kathy is a fox  that was experimented on. She is smart, quiet and a little shy but if...
Shocked(Rocket Raccoon X Reader) by Wolf00030
Shocked(Rocket Raccoon X Reader)by Wolf00030
Oh yeah peeps. Buckle Down and get set. I'm takin a new turn in this and shedding some light on your story with a certain Raccoon we know and love.
Raccoon Love | Rigby x Reader ~Discontinued~ by PopTartDiva
Raccoon Love | Rigby x Reader ~Dis...by PopTartDiva
(Y/N) the raccoon loses everything when a fire demolished her house and family. So she calls on Rigby, a childhood friend for help. She gets hired by Benson, a park mana...
A difference (Varian x Cassandra) by SareenaEvidente
A difference (Varian x Cassandra)by Makahiya
This is a fanfic on Varian and Cassandra from Tangled the Series. All Varian needs is someone to save him, like Rapunzel saved Eugene, and Cassie is hoping that her th...
Broken Love (Rocket Raccoon x Reader) by xReaderChanx
Broken Love (Rocket Raccoon x Read...by xReaderChan
Y/N or Aella is famous unknown bounty hunter she was hired to kill the Guardians. But what she didn't know that was she going to meet an old lover. Remember this is afte...
Rocket raccoon scenarios by KathyTheCatLover
Rocket raccoon scenariosby KathyTheCatLover
I love these kinds of books and I though since no one has done one yet that I should have a go. Hope you enjoy my rocket raccoon scenarios.
Rocket Raccoon by stoptalkingg
Rocket Raccoonby Jojo✩
A seemingly regular day for the Guardians of the Galaxy turns into chaos when their furry companion turns out to be missing.
I will always Love you (Rocket Raccoon) by KathyTheCatLover
I will always Love you (Rocket Rac...by KathyTheCatLover
What happens when Kathy runs away and meets up with Rocket and Groot? This story will have a sequel and Threequel. BTW please give this story a chance if you don't like...