DIA?? Dia Kekasih Halalku...  [ HIATUS ] by yeirmma
DIA?? Dia Kekasih Halalku... [ HI...by emma honeyy
| Zarhan Al-Hasyraff | >>seorang yg kacak, kaya raya, berasal dari keluarga yg berpengaruh, memiliki segala galanya, sentiasa dikagumi para gadis, berperwatakan p...
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Book 1: Lilith Arãma by Mishi_Angel
Book 1: Lilith Arãmaby Mishi
Credit to @Luna_Otsutsuki for the amazing cover! The Arãma clan, most good, rarely anyone evil. Lilith Arãma, the second daughter to the head family. The head family...
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Moving Sidelines : Cora's story by MamaMagie
Moving Sidelines : Cora's storyby Mama Magie &Minionettes
Do you ever wonder what happens to the side characters in your favorite Wattpad stories? Well, So Do I... This is Cora's story. Sometimes forgiveness...
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A Dragon's Redemption [Book 2 in Rising Dragons] by SilentSilverSlip
A Dragon's Redemption [Book 2 in R...by Gabby
SPOILERS AHEAD PLEASE READ A DRAGON'S VIEW BEFORE THIS BOOK!! With the fall of the dragon riders, it seems like all is lost. The alive dragons with and without riders...
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