A Dragon's View [Book 1 in Rising Dragons] by SilentSilverSlip
A Dragon's View [Book 1 in Rising...by Gabby
Seeryath is a three year old dragon with a horrible past, however things start to look up when she is taken to a dragon academy for reasons unknown to her. Sky is a dr...
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DIA?? Dia Kekasih Halalku...  [ HIATUS ] by yeirmma
DIA?? Dia Kekasih Halalku... [ HI...by emma honeyy
| Zarhan Al-Hasyraff | >>seorang yg kacak, kaya raya, berasal dari keluarga yg berpengaruh, memiliki segala galanya, sentiasa dikagumi para gadis, berperwatakan p...
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Rocking Wit Yuh- Ben 10 by NBA_RYA
Rocking Wit Yuh- Ben 10by rya versace
An youngster, Ben 10 (Benjamin williams), from baton rouge, La, meets this fine, unique, smart, funny, dedicated and talented girl name Rya. she moved from jacksonville...
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A cry 4 help  by RenayeHinds1
A cry 4 help by Urban survival
ELLy is now a seventeen year old girl struggling to become a better woman and mother with no moral support leaves her bitter and broken as she desperately searches for w...
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A Dragon's Retribution [Book 3 in Rising Dragons] by SilentSilverSlip
A Dragon's Retribution [Book 3 in...by Gabby
Spoilers ahead, don't read unless you've read the other two books! ************************************************************************* Seeryath is riderless and wa...
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