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Kid Problems (Detective Conan and KHR crossover) by kawaii_lover22
Kid Problems (Detective Conan and...by kawaii_lover22
Conan's class was spreading gossip that a new student was coming to his class and that is was a girl. When the new student came though Conan was suspicious of her he thi...
  • crossover
  • conan
  • femtsuna
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Thirty Days With Haibara by Ai_haibaraXD
Thirty Days With Haibaraby ..☁️💫إنــبعاجٌ كـــونــّي..
Haibara decides something that will change Conan's life route for ever. "That's the irony, isn't it? We share the same fate, I'll be be your shield if you lend me t...
  • watys2017
  • shinichi
  • răn
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Forever Yours (AiCon) by SieHan
Forever Yours (AiCon)by Sie
The Book 2 of Confused Feelings More drama and revelations to come. Enjoy. I am so not good at story description haha. Previously NUMBER 1 ON THIS/THESE TAGS #Sonoko -Si...
  • romance
  • shinichi
  • conan
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Nguyên tác: Aoyama Gosho Tác giả: mangaluva (fanfiction.net) Dịch giả: red.orchid (cnateam.com) Fanfic hàng khủng, thể loại crossover của TTLD Conan và Magic Kaito. Lối...
  • aoyama
  • kid1412
  • cña
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Em là tất cả của anh,Haibara! by Yuki_sprow
Em là tất cả của anh,Haibara!by Yuki~kun
Cùng với niềm đam mê đó,Ran đã bỏ quên anh bạn Shinichi...Haibara rất đau lòng,vì sao cô đau lòng?Shinichi lúc nào cũng Ran với việc làm thám tử,cậu đã quên mất cô,người...
  • shinichi
  • shiho
  • răn
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enemies then friends then lovers (kaishin) by Shahd32
enemies then friends then lovers (...by Anna
kaishin fanfic they were enemies who love being in each other presence they know that only they can understand each other they met because of fate as normal humans not...
  • kaitokuroba
  • kaitokid
  • shinichi
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TẠM NGƯNG( Conan - Ai ) Cô nàng lạnh lùng kia ! Anh yêu em by libra610345
TẠM NGƯNG( Conan - Ai ) Cô nàng lạ...by conan-ai
Đây là chuyện đầu tiên mình viết về Conan và cũng là ma mới vào nên nhờ ma ủ giúp đỡ .Chuyện này mình tự nghĩ nên có chút ko giống trong phim.
  • haibara
  • kaito
  • conan
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Anh luôn ở đây!Trong trái tim em! by Beryl2803
Anh luôn ở đây!Trong trái tim em!by __Alone__
Vào đọc rồi biết nha, nhớ vote và comment. Dành riêng cho fan ShinRan thôi/
  • love
  • kaiao
  • yeu
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The world of Detective Conan (Editing) by kudoyuri17
The world of Detective Conan (Edit...by Germaine Lau
I'm Kudo Yuri and I'm Detective Conan's/ Shinichi younger sister. MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!!! My first DC fanfic
  • conan
  • răn
  • kaito
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Let's keep this a secret  by AiSadist09
Let's keep this a secret by ★ Ai ★
Detective conan fanfiction Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai X Kaitou kid/Kuroba kaito Warning: Strong uses of language and implied sexual themes.
  • love
  • shinichi
  • răn
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Aikatsu: Life as Suzukawa Naoto by DatAnimeGirl1234
Aikatsu: Life as Suzukawa Naotoby Dank Goat
Suzukawa Naoto lives a double life. He's a teacher by day, rockstar by night. However, those 2 lives get unsteady. Especially when Ichigo gets involved with his rocks...
  • akarixsena
  • suzukawa
  • kiriya
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Heiji X Kazuha (Detective Conan Fanfiction) by derederechan
Heiji X Kazuha (Detective Conan Fa...by Shiho
If you're a Heiji x Kazuha shipper! Read and Share this!
  • detective
  • conan
  • detectiveconan
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Tomtord book two{CONTINUED} by The_King_Of_Dweebs
Tomtord book two{CONTINUED}by Smol Dork
I made a second book,yeet bishes
  • species
  • tomtord
  • răn
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Destiny Ninja 2 Oneshots and Lemons by dreamy_lor
Destiny Ninja 2 Oneshots and Lemonsby 夢のような
Season 2 characters are allowed!
  • fuyukiku
  • ibuki
  • răn
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Destined Lovers by spideyholland_2013
Destined Loversby 🅜🅘🅝🅐
The secret lives of Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri was about to discovered! They are friends ever since when they were kids but they didn't know about their true lives are...
  • shinran
  • lovers
  • shinichi
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Sherry X Gin (A Detective Conan Fanfiction) by derederechan
Sherry X Gin (A Detective Conan Fa...by Shiho
Gunshot echoed the rooftop as the girl with the reddish-brown hair shot the silver hair guy with a gun. She was supposed to be happy but as she heard Gin's confession it...
  • shinichi
  • caseclosed
  • răn
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Detective Conan Quotes by Iamasaiyandetective
Detective Conan Quotesby Iamasaiyandetective
Detective Conan and his friends/enemies quotes
  • kazuha
  • yukiko
  • holmes
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Tower Of God X Reader Lemons by Leah2569
Tower Of God X Reader Lemonsby Just being a weeb dont mind me
Do I really have to explain myself? Requests are open!
  • kinky
  • lemon
  • răn
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My OC's by sirius77
My OC'sby Stayin’ Alive!
Title says it all. Just for RP and stuff...mostly Harry Potter. Cover by @marvelismycoffee go check her book out! And give her a follow! She is amazing!
  • ranthus
  • lovegood
  • hurricane
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Destiny Ninja 2: Prologue by AngelynFelices
Destiny Ninja 2: Prologueby angelyn felices
BASED ON THE APP BY NTT SOLMARE "Fight your destiny!" The following stories takes place in Yamato Island, where the four seasons exuberantly express their bea...
  • răn
  • destinyninja
  • kikyo
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