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It's All A Game ✔ by NLBloom
It's All A Game ✔by N.L. Bloom
It's All A Game is my book of quotes. There you can find a lot of my quotes, also in this book, there are many quotes and words that someone told me that helped me in li...
Depressing quotes by darkstrawbaby
Depressing quotesby ~soft goth baby~
Depression is the feeling of someone whispering in your ear and telling you that you are worthless. Every time you make a mistake, you keep getting reminded of it, it's...
Finding Yourself by aditicshah
Finding Yourselfby Aditi Shah
A collection of quotes and proses that will help you to find yourself 💞 This is my first book so please do vote for the chapters you like and also leave your feedbacks...
Quote Book by Stranger_StarWars
Quote Bookby .
This is a quote book full of my friends stupid quotes bc they're funny these will not make sense to many but it doesn't matter :D Disclaimer: If any are seemed to be too...
My favorite throam quotes by MeltingPointOfSilver
My favorite throam quotesby MeltingPointOfSilver
A collection of what are, in my opinion, the most heartbreaking and heartwarming scenes and quotes from throam
Sad Crush & Love Quotes by _midnightxthoughts_
Sad Crush & Love Quotesby _midnightxthoughts_
book with quotes
The Reset SMP Quote Book  by OnyxEnoshima
The Reset SMP Quote Book by OnyxEnoshima
Quotes from the amazing community of the reset smp and all its glory toasts to you all you guys are amazing and have kept me going you always keep each other going and c...
Quotes by sadieddie11
Quotesby 𝚒𝚍𝚔
Just some quotes that I love. They may be inspirational, badass, or sappy. There is no in between. (None of these quotes are mine)
my quote book. by AllergictoUmbridge
my quote book.by 2 bi 2 function😎🤚
this is book of some of the things I've said. TW: language this is NOT family friendly
Quote Book 2 by haycocksg
Quote Book 2by haycocksg
A Book of Quotes. This is the second instalment of my Quote Books. You do not need to read the first one to read this one. None of these quotes are mine. Most are from...
quote book :)) by mrs-bine
quote book :))by mrs-bine
random quotes from random people
Treasure in words  by Happyyellow8
Treasure in words by bubblychick
Black ink and white sheets, filled with all the colourful feelings.. - happyyellow8 A book of beautiful quotes... >#2 in meaningful out of 2.62k stories
QUOTES FROM NIGHTINGALE by bloopbloop_fish
SKKSKSJSKSKSK dont mind me- im just making lil something lmaoooo The quotes in this book come from the Dreamnotfound fanfic, "Nightingale". The author is @pink...
quote book by Ratkingggg
quote bookby sí
its shit me and my friends have said
The Vampire Diaries•|Quotes Season 1| by humanityswitchoff
The Vampire Diaries•|Quotes Season...by Lucy
This book is filled with lots of quotes from the vampire diaries season 1. (I do not own the vampire diaries all rights belong to the CW)
BROKEN HEART QUOTES by DoodleliciousGirl
Hi there! Are you heart broken? Heart broken or not this book is perfff for you. Shoutout to those broken hearted people cause these quotes are going to torture your he...
F is For Family || Sappy Quotes by yaoisauce100
F is For Family || Sappy Quotesby DeadlyAlive
Here's just a few sappy quotes from F is For Family on Netflix. I don't own any rights to this show!!
Quotes that should be on hoodies by Lavenderkitty436
Quotes that should be on hoodiesby Your Friendly Neighbourhood G...
These are just a bunch of random quotes I have found on tiktok that I think should be on hoodies. I do not take credit for most of the quotes in this book (I a quote is...
the quote book by Staticll
the quote bookby plonk
just funny screenshots from my group chat lol
MCYT Quotes by Nishigrr
MCYT Quotesby Nishigrr
(Cover by me) A quote book of the Dream SMP ✨