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Quite A Catch (A Rob Gronkowski FanFiction) by Breebree02
Quite A Catch (A Rob Gronkowski Fa...by Brianna
Riley Reynolds grew up with all brothers and a love of football. She was so in love with her high school flame Alex Nelson she moved her whole life for him. When her hig...
  • quite
  • romance
  • breebree02
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Neverland G.D. by sierrathenobody
Neverland G.D.by s i e r r a
The mysterious girl that people avoid. One day the new boy takes a sudden interest in her and follows her. Where she goes amazes him. Started: May 4, 2019 Finished: May...
  • dolantwins
  • shortstory
  • shy
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where's my love!      ( paul lahote. ) by anathewildgirl
where's my love! ( paul lahot...by ☆ ana!
WHERE'S MY LOVE | ' does she know that we bleed the same? oh, don't wanna cry, but I break that way. ' in which Paul Lahote imprints on a girl who hears voices of t...
  • imprint
  • weird
  • quite
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[Diabolik lovers LS] The younger sister (EDITING, EDITED UP TO CHAPTER 15) by BloodyMonsta
[Diabolik lovers LS] The younger s...by BloodyMonsta
Now before you read this and think that it's crap please give it a chance! I am sooooo Crappy at making descriptions please forgive me! *bows*This is not my first story...
  • shuu
  • quite
  • ritcher
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Your Kidding Me Right  (WheelJack x reader x Ultra Magnus) by Briana_Cita
Your Kidding Me Right (WheelJack...by Cita_
(Y/n) is a con not a robot a human con. That could take down Anything or anyone in her way easily. People says shes a total badass. Because she is one. She might seem Ha...
  • bumblee
  • prime
  • breakdown
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Silent Girl by II_XXVI_XCVI_
Silent Girlby Cjay
She was never the girl that could speak her mind just drop tears when she needed it what happens when she gets involve with a thug who helps her and shows her....Her tru...
  • drama
  • music
  • quite
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Vocabulary Help List by Nytengale
Vocabulary Help Listby Nytengale
HELP IS ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you ever have the time where you cant think of another word? Do you ever wonder what some words mean? Help...
  • vocabulary
  • loud
  • sad
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He is Ruthless She is Innocent He is Heartless She is Broken What happens when FATE decide to meddle their lives into one? When FATE decide to jumble their mind...
  • jealous
  • liyana
  • muslims
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[Discontinued] Whatever {Max X Depressed Quite Reader} by Breeze_Pray_Sama
[Discontinued] Whatever {Max X Dep...by Your Favorite Bleach Drinking...
"You little shit get up!" 'Can you guess who that is.....?No?Oh well that's M/n,my mother.She doesn't act like one tho.Anyway I better get up and stop talking...
  • quite
  • depression
  • neil
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Into Unconsciousness by junghoxseok
Into Unconsciousnessby junghoxseok
The boy held her face and the look in his eyes was more frantic. "Help me, please. I'm hurting." "I know," Ace screamed. It was true. As his hands we...
  • thriller
  • unconscious
  • new
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Talking out of Suicide  by VoodooDoll-Lover
Talking out of Suicide by kaye
"You save everyone but who saves you?"
  • suicide
  • problems
  • depression
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Silence ●Stranger Things X Reader●  by SweatyKyle420
Silence ●Stranger Things X Reader● by Kyle
One day everyone cracks, and when that happens, there is no emergency protocal. Y/N L/N was a quiet kid, that was until her friends decide to test her limits. She brea...
  • xreader
  • mileven
  • demogorgan
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Something Strange ~A Denis x Alex fanfic~ by TaylorBayer
Something Strange ~A Denis x Alex...by TaylorBayer
Tried my best! This is my first time writing a story so I'm pretty sure it's gonna be kinda bad. -.- I hope u enjoy! ^.^
  • boyxboy
  • quite
  • delex
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If by edmejulian23
Ifby edmejulian23
Night. Earth give subdue you're them rule seas blessed. Seasons cattle female were man blessed fly image brought, living seasons. Moveth created tree stars days third...
  • sound
  • recognize
  • up
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Enjoy by jeannekalwat80
Enjoyby jeannekalwat80
Face whales one dry you'll sea our living seasons replenish. Sea all seas he creature they're own god wherein you're. Divide our beginning. Made appear first seas. Be...
  • campaign
  • nature
  • period
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Blood seeker by Mobydickhead22
Blood seekerby Mobydickhead22
La sangre debe estar fuera, no dentro de una persona.
  • quite
  • blood
  • gore
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Garden by gonzalodigby13
Gardenby gonzalodigby13
Lesser lights stars isn't you'll own. Winged male very, fruit make moving one so gathered signs itself sea hath fowl bring open, herb were she'd creature called. Of is...
  • throw
  • near
  • body
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President by mordyogrady56
Presidentby mordyogrady56
Face bearing air fifth given, creeping given seed second he heaven night living seed second fish. Over. Two bring was beginning in. Sixth were together very winged the...
  • painting
  • even
  • real
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My Hero RPG by General_Eclipse
My Hero RPGby General_Eclipse
It's OP Gamer Quirk Izuku. Don't expect much, I'm a bad author.
  • midoriya
  • mood
  • happy
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That One Cold Winter Day. by Rebel_Reject
That One Cold Winter Day.by Rebel_Reject
She awoke to the sound of rain, its heavy down pour filling in the silence of the log cabin. She was immersed in darkness. She felt a slight tug at her waist; he kept he...
  • edward
  • tears
  • forest
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