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Love Lies In The Eyes |Paul Lahote| by JamieLynn28
Love Lies In The Eyes |Paul Lahote|by Jamie Lynn
Vanessa Swan had just moved back to Forks, Washington with her sister after many years. The two sisters were quiet different with one being awkward and selfish while the...
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Twilight wolf imagines and preferences by Cool_kittycat
Twilight wolf imagines and prefere...by Cool_kittycat
Imagines for your pleasure!
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Howl • Paul Lahote by sasha-sashy
Howl • Paul Lahoteby wowpeach
Ava Grayson never expected to lose her parents so young. Her mother had left with her Father and then he too left her, although not in the same way. The only option was...
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Hello cowboy //Jasper Hale// by datsalad
Hello cowboy //Jasper Hale//by Datsalad
Do you ever wonder what would happen if you fell through a portal from one dimension to another? That was the job of Dimension Hoppers, to travel and make sure that st...
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Bella and Paul  by ReneeWilliams3
Bella and Paul by Renee Williams
About bella and paul
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Safe Heaven(Paul Lahote Love Story) by radientmoonx
Safe Heaven(Paul Lahote Love Story)by jσcєlчn☽
Layla Ajax was a normal werewolf shifter that had a very loving pack. Until one night when her pack was attacked by the cold ones. She watched her pack die and was capt...
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Burn♣ Twilight by KaitlynRae99
Burn♣ Twilightby Kaitlyn
"What choice do we have?" Kalina Cullen has been a vampire for over half a century and is known as one of the most powerful throughout their world. After recei...
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Twilight wolf pack preferences: book 2 by abby_jones99
Twilight wolf pack preferences: bo...by abby
This is the second preference book I've done on these boys so go check out my first one if you haven't seen it! Boys in the preferences: Sam Jared Paul Jacob Embry Quil...
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Preventive • Paul Lahote • by Abundance_of_Fiction
Preventive • Paul Lahote •by An Abundance Of Fiction
pre·ven·tive prəˈven(t)iv/ {adj.} 1.designed to keep something undesirable such as illness, harm, or accidents from occurring. ○○○ Not every story starts with an introd...
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Corrupted Lungs | Quil Ateara [1] by -hopscotch
Corrupted Lungs | Quil Ateara [1]by RORONNIE
❝I can't keep living like this, with this feeling of corrupted lungs and shaking hands.❞ ❝We are a team. I would stop time for you if I could.❞ ❝I didn't want to be just...
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Almost Lost --- Sam Uley Fanfic by ThunderingHoofbeat21
Almost Lost --- Sam Uley Fanficby ThunderingHoofbeat21
Evelyn Frost is forced to live with her abusive boyfriend after her father's death, but when the mail lady is suspicious to the extent that she goes several hours to war...
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Loraina Swan Uley [2] - New Moon by that_one_writer_chik
Loraina Swan Uley [2] - New Moonby that_one_writer_chik
Loraina's finding out new things about herself and she's not taking it very well. She's pushing the people she loves away because she's scared and distances the people t...
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Renesmee Cullen Twin Sister Sasha by ArianaDarkfire
Renesmee Cullen Twin Sister Sashaby Snow
Renesmee has a twin sister Sasha. Sasha was a suprise to the whole family. She is more vampire than Renesmee. So she grows faster than Renesmee. She has the power to le...
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Twilight imagines by kezza31
Twilight imaginesby K ❤
always wanted to make a twilight one of these.
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An Imprints Change by mayprincess13
An Imprints Changeby mayprincess13
This is an imprint story between Bella and Jacob. The Cullens' have been gone for a year now, and Bella has finally faced the facts and has accepted her feelings for Ja...
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Constantly ♡ (Paul Lahote) by StephanieWithAnA
Constantly ♡ (Paul Lahote)by Stephanie Nihiser
"So let's test your theory." "What theory?" Paul smirked at me as he backed me up against the door. I watched his eyes as he lifted his arms and tra...
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Jacob Black's and Sam Uley's Sister: An Embry Imprint by Sol_Lucet
Jacob Black's and Sam Uley's Siste...by Sol Lucet
Victoria Black-Uley is Jake's and Sam's younger sister. She lives with her mom, in my story Jake's mom left Billy because she got imprinted on by Sam's father, and her f...
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The Outsider by DarknessAndHood
The Outsiderby Hood
Amelia Swan was the outsider in her family. Her step father hated her, her mother thought she was useless, and Bella was always the golden child. The only one who truly...
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Twilight Oneshots/Imagines by samklecka
Twilight Oneshots/Imaginesby Daughter of Poseidon
Read the Title.... Characters: Cullen Coven The Wolf Pack Volturi Coven or anyone else you so choose This book may even have a gif series in it too...😄 {I think I'm goi...
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Dusk: Seth Clearwater Love Story by 420Ringo
Dusk: Seth Clearwater Love Storyby ♡Roberta Katherine♡
Seth Clearwater. You may know him as the fun optimistic guy from Twilight, but in Dusk Seth finally finds his other half, his soul mate, his imprint. Will he be able to...
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