Color Me (Teacher X Student) ✔ by rtetnom
Color Me (Teacher X Student) ✔by ET
a John Krasinski fanfiction FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! It doesn't matter how much of your life you have figured out, it can always stray from the path you created. Beau...
  • boyxgirl
  • teacher
  • forbiddenlove
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Becoming Queen by LittleWolfMia
Becoming Queenby Mia
I have hidden who I am. I hide my powers, my gifts but I refuse to hide any more. I am the heir to the Fairy Kingdom. Fairies have a complicated way of pronouncing the...
  • quickupdates
  • possessive
  • luna
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Finn Balor Instagram. by TooSweetDevitt
Finn Balor Instagram.by ❤️BreonaDevitt🖤
@FinnBalor has requested to follow you on Instagram.
  • quickupdates
  • humor
  • finnbalor
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Letters | Taekook by mayue_xue
Letters | Taekookby Mayue Xue
"You're not running away this time Jungkook." Kim Taehyung gets a letter by "J.J.K" each day with his thoughts of the day and deepest secrets. He kno...
  • yoonmin
  • taehyung
  • quickupdates
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War on Humanity by ItsKatthological
War on Humanityby Kat
Humanity created androids to help them. Help them with work, chores and rearing their children. All was well until a recent discovery of faulty programming is said to ha...
  • struggle
  • action
  • scifi
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I love you I hope you do to Style Sp by StyleYAY
I love you I hope you do to Style...by style lover
Idk Has some strong language so kids... You know what to do
  • blood
  • style
  • evilscams
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roses and thorns by 20ah06
roses and thornsby Summertime
very gAY so yknow... In a garden of poison, there lays a rose and there it laid forever alone.
  • homosexual
  • drama
  • highschool
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6-9pm Latte- by Bipolartome
6-9pm Latte-by Daily Dose
A short soft Jimin fanfic, between Jimin (manager of Aroma Mocha Cafe) and Y/N (a pianist who plays at the cafe from 6-9pm on thursdays) Cover by: @shunnyjoon
  • soft
  • fluff
  • pjm
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How To Lose Your Mind by head_full_of_stars
How To Lose Your Mindby Orion Smith
I'm Sorry.
  • teen
  • randomthoughts
  • youngwritersshortstory
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Fatal by wengiefan221
Fatalby wengiefan221
Hi this is my first story pls don't hate me ! Wait , also the cover isn't mine !😉
  • cookies
  • alison
  • ally
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Kyūketsuki (Blood Sucker) by lethalconundrum
Kyūketsuki (Blood Sucker)by lethalconundrum
Ashen is an odd mystical creature who's been around for centuries. He never did have a heart for humans,well,at least he didn't think he did. There's one human that see...
  • quickupdates
  • magic
  • oddlove
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Why Don't We Get to Know You by emily_here_yo
Why Don't We Get to Know Youby Em
When Why Don't We, are still waiting on their rise of being stars, they're still high school boys. So they end up going to school, making Emma, Odette, and Abigail, get...
  • love
  • emma
  • cute
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Shards of Kairos by nicholasstarkdrake
Shards of Kairosby Nicholas Stark
'There's something beyond the mirrors...' She should probably be choosing her majors for college, considering a career, and the direction for the rest of her life. Inste...
  • dystopian
  • love
  • romance
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I Can't Help Falling by Ladybug2512
I Can't Help Fallingby Ladybug2512
Fate and love, two things intertwined more then anything could ever be. This young couple loves each other without even realizing it. Their souls closer bound then they...
  • love
  • marinette
  • adrienette
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fumblings and mumblings //. DEH by rooted-fern
fumblings and mumblings //. DEHby brushes and pain(t)
Alanna and Evan were practically mirror images of each other, and had no idea. The two were drawn ever closer by the fact that each were attracted to the same sex. Evan...
  • lighthearted
  • theatre
  • fluffandsmut
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