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Just Some Experiences Pt. 4 by RichieBryant14
Just Some Experiences Pt. 4by RichieBryant14
Just some more old sexual thoughts, fantasies, & experiences I wrote down that I felt should be seen by a wider audience
  • urbanfiction
  • topfan
  • plane
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Roomates: Taehyung x Reader One Shot *completed* by TheLadyYogi
Roomates: Taehyung x Reader One Sh...by IamLadyYogi
You just needed a place to stay. You didn't want to complicate things.
  • roommates
  • kimtaehyungxreader
  • quickie
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Human ▷ Pietro Maximoff by star-grl
Human ▷ Pietro Maximoffby ˗ˏˋ mcu+bastille ˎˊ˗
❝ when i'm faced with the option of running away or helping others, i stay. i stay and fight. i risk everything if it means saving a life of a innocent soul. what do y...
  • pietromaximoff
  • marvelcomicuniverse
  • wanda
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Let Some Bsfs Smash! (Pt.1) by goodsuccc
Let Some Bsfs Smash! (Pt.1)by goodsuccc
This is just the introduction and there will be 2 more parts later just bare with me :) but this story is basically how I let some bsfs fuck ... Enjoy The Story ;)))))
  • quickie
  • popular
  • niggadidyounutinme
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  • jimin
  • jeongguk
  • taehyung
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Magnificent Quickie by D3XT3R6
Magnificent Quickieby Ritesh
A magnificent quickie
  • quickie
fxckroun |namjin| by ystevan
fxckroun |namjin|by vankth
" your cooking tastes good hyung , but i bet your dxck taste better " ; where the sexually frustrated school nutritionist kim seokjin found himself wrapped ar...
  • btsff
  • sexdrive
  • romance
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A backstage quickie with Namjoon by dominantkook
A backstage quickie with Namjoonby “
It was the day of your boyfriend's (Namjoon) concert You woke up early that day so that you could make yourself look good After you got a call from him, you left your ho...
  • backstage
  • quickie
DEADBOL {One Shots} by brdmoe
DEADBOL {One Shots}by brdmoe
Mga kwentong Dead ang End. This Story is a Work of Fiction only.
  • mr
  • brdmoe
  • patay
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Quickies by greystonemeu
Quickiesby Lord Abraxis
Just a whole lot of bullshit Writing practice. If you have any requests for a quickie, let me know
  • shipping
  • tickling
  • romance
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The Fire Within by liviafletcher
The Fire Withinby liviafletcher
Just a start. Should I continue this, or no? Comments, advice, and opinions greatly appreciated! If you guys like it, I will work more with it and make a cover etc.
  • adventure
  • advice
  • paragraphs
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The one that got away by ExoticsOfEpoch
The one that got awayby Kurdt Cobane
  • luke
  • quickie
  • lukehemmings
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Sex Stories by loveinlust
Sex Storiesby loveinlust
Honestly, just a place for me to post my sex fantasies/experiences. A quick read to get you off and meet your needs and imaginations. I'm a girl, so that's the point of...
  • quickie
  • romantic
  • girlxgirl
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Quick write #1 by HonestJ
Quick write #1by honest j
  • write
  • paradise
  • ús
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CUM&RUMby Devin Shaw
  • steamy
  • bar
  • oneshots
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short stories by Domenic_Sonntag
short storiesby Domenic Sonntag
gently things, crazy things, scary things, lucky things, philosophical things
  • quickie
  • everything
  • philosophy
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Sockathan one shots by InternallyGross
Sockathan one shotsby InternallyGross
The characters belong to Erica Wester, the shame belongs to me, enjoy.
  • oneshot
  • angst
  • sockathan
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Pretty in Punk[QUICKIE] *Brentrick* by Sicklysweetpanic
Pretty in Punk[QUICKIE] *Brentrick*by mcrx//tyler ☆
Honestly, you'd expect that Patrick would be the sweet and nerdy one but nah, Brendon is. Patrick's just a weird kid in a punk band. Addition? He's got eyes for the nerd...
  • bandom
  • joetrohman
  • highschool
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All From A Kiss by Gfilez
All From A Kissby Gfilez
What did this work kiss lead us too
  • quickie
  • freaky
  • intimate
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