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You're too Late (COMPLETE) by Nationals_duhh
You're too Late (COMPLETE)by Nationals_duhh
My name is Fay and my life is a piece of shit. Yes I should be glad I have a roof over my head and crumbs on the table and a sleeping bag to sleep in. But honestly, I...
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Aqua Waters | ✔ by Vintaginity
Aqua Waters | ✔by Brittani
"I don't even know, maybe I'm being friendly? Maybe I like the view from your yard? Maybe the grass is greener on the other side and I'm tasting a different color p...
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Zombie Planetfall by EarlHatsby
Zombie Planetfallby Earl Hatsby
Zombies! Spaceships! Technobabble! This is not your grandmother's zombie novel. After crash-landing on a zombie-infested Earth, a beleaguered team of astronauts---accomp...
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Cooking with Strangers by Hooded_Storyteller
Cooking with Strangersby Hooded_Storyteller
It's her birthday, and she just needs a few more ingredients for her favorite recipe.
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Apple of My Eye by Davidkummer7
Apple of My Eyeby David Kummer
If only I could sleep. Days are bad when you can't sleep. Days are worse when you can't remember. Days are the worst when you can't forget what you've done, and you ca...
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Shadows {Completed} {Flash Fiction} by vexor3
Shadows {Completed} {Flash Fiction}by Robb Keller
A daughter escapes the torment of her father. Or does she?
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Recoil by FlailingPail
Recoilby FlailingPail
A nameless young woman had been captured by a dishonorable government. She attempts to survive as she plans to escape her cell, then the building, then the city. But ho...
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This is a Story About You by yvishin
This is a Story About Youby yvishin
You are a swimmer, who found a not-lake full of shadows and motions that you've done and will do. No, you are a hero, preventing their land from turning to precious meta...
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OPPOSITE SEX by SteveRattray
OPPOSITE SEXby Steve Rattray
Cheeky rom-com Short Story (20min read). PG14 rating. A fun slice of la-vie-en-rose, illustrating the difficulties of reading the opposite sex. Contains implicit scenes...
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The Outsider by CrazyKrap
The Outsiderby CrazyKrap
A lonesome penguin looking among the huddle, only to be pushed aside unlike the others. Eventually he finds himself alone. Only white scratched ice as far as the eye can...
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Trust Me, My Next Book Will Be Longer by MyName15PrecutODST
Trust Me, My Next Book Will Be Lon...by Leroy E. Davison
I am writing another book but a friend of mine would like me to publish a book on my Wattpad page thingy so she can read it whilst she waits for my slightly longer book...