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Wendigo's Terrible Doodles And Art by Mr--Wendigo
Wendigo's Terrible Doodles And Artby Dr. Wendigo
hey and art book? woahhhhh so original okay yeah enjoy this I guess
  • whyamidoingthis
  • trash
  • art
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Art book/gifts! by LilEevee101
Art book/gifts!by Eevee? (ON SEMI-HAITUS!)
Just some doodles I decide to do, or some art that I wanna give away! Art is all mine, including the cover!
  • questionable
  • digital
  • whyamidoingthis
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Empty Living by RaphaelSalam
Empty Livingby Raphaël Salam
Just a little sha-bang of how life can feel so very...hollow. There's also plenty on the social sciences that I discuss if you're into that kind of stuff. I suppose I'd...
  • personalthoughts
  • educational
  • people
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My reaction to Len and Kaito ships by Luka-Lariat
My reaction to Len and Kaito shipsby 🎧Luka🎧
This is where i react to ships for Len and Kaito.
  • ships
  • yes
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Wowza! | Art Book by GraceverySprinkles
Wowza! | Art Bookby GraceverySprinkles
These are drawings by yours truly :,) Oc's and others. The pictures get better near the most recent chapters. Requests are open! [Gracevery2016Sprinkles]
  • artbook
  • memes
  • kpop
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Futari wa Precure Max Heart Ask or Dare by ChiseNijino
Futari wa Precure Max Heart Ask Chise
Ask or dare Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari! Also, sorry but I don't ship Fujipi and Nagisa sooooooo... I do not own Futari wa Precure Max Heart.
  • questionable
  • askordare
  • precure
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Not Your Typical BTS Role Play by HopeIsInTheStars
Not Your Typical BTS Role Playby NaoThePhoenix
~RECONTINUED~ (We couldn't let it go) READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. You have been warned. E-Excuse me? Do you have time to talk about my Lord and Saviour J-Hope? My friend an...
  • bts
  • cringeworthy
  • questionable
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Here With You? by DucklingGoQuack
Here With You?by Kiana Seneviratne (7Y)
A 100-word story capturing the essence of being trapped in a gutting wrenching moment. To put the cherry on top of the text, the character is stuck with the person whom...
  • mystery
  • questionable
  • shortstory
Harry Potter by crimsonteresa
Harry Potterby crimsonteresa
There once was a family called the Potters. There was another called the Evans, and another still called the Dursleys. Their only connection: two Evans women that marrie...
  • potter
  • femharry
  • dumbledore
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Thoughts by WendyEllin
Thoughtsby Grimmwife
Just thoughts that float through my head
  • opinions
  • questionable
  • random
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My Anime Husbands  by rotten_fujoshi_
My Anime Husbands by The Rotten Fujoshi
Short af rants rants They may be short af But they hold a lot of knowledge Lol wat You can also comment your opinion on every guy in every chapter Request are open
  • aot
  • questionable
  • fma
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The Bar  by ShrimpsOnSticks
The Bar by Rene Kaplanado
Emma was a college dropout with four roommates, but she still felt alone sometimes. She loved her roommates, but sometimes the bar was her best friend. At least the bar...
  • bars
  • whatisthis
  • questionable
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Blurry Vision Ideas by Netherendpearl
Blurry Vision Ideasby lovably malicious
Idk stuff I can't put in my main book. Updates. Ideas. idfk. Am I allowed to make imagines about my own OC? Well I am so bite me. Cover made by me, bitches.
  • jessicajones
  • younasty
  • nosmut
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Hassan by EssayNovesha
Hassanby Solomon Avery Novesha
  • gratuitous
  • transformation
  • questionable
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Randomness Cus Why Not by campycutie
Randomness Cus Why Notby The UwU Princess
  • humor
  • questionable
  • random
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A Sorry way to Die by heyitsmeronnie
A Sorry way to Dieby heyitsmeronnie
Sorry just doesn't cut it. When apologize don't work. When saying Sorry cuts you. When people hold grudges to easily. Well that's the story of Jane Rawth. She lives alon...
  • sorry
  • lies
  • cut
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Questionable by Absurdwdw
Questionableby Absurdwdw
A girl from a tormented town comes to the centre of the disturbance. Her task is to find an acquaintance of somebody she will always loath for as long as she exists. Thi...
  • questionable