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The Plague - A Group Roleplay by TaurielandKili
The Plague - A Group Roleplayby Tauriel❤️Kili
One thousand years after tomorrow, after not only World War III struck, but after World War IV, when science is the only thing people know, people lead plastic lives. Li...
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Darklight: The Forbidden Contract by DK-Snow
Darklight: The Forbidden Contractby D.K. Snow
"A Contractor shall always be bound to its Contract." Zil is one of the best assassins in the Nevesi underworld. She values the tenets of the Contractor's Cree...
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Solstice, Book 1: A Prince, A Thief, Etcetera by BangadyBangz
Solstice, Book 1: A Prince, A Bangady
Levi Stirling was sure that the day his mother vanished would be the worst of his life. That day soon had stiff competition though, when a string of bizarre mishaps left...
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Call Of The Wolves [Book #2] by fire-kitty11
Call Of The Wolves [Book #2]by Fall; The world's last, lovel...
Coming back to the forest, the trainees have grown and become new fighters! But they don't seem to get a rest from the no-furs. Could a small no-fur mistake cause the wo...
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Lies of Utopia by absolutenonsense_
Lies of Utopiaby Nik(ki)
The kingdom of Kaelallan and the kingdom of Lerralia were close allies, and intended to join their two kingdoms when the young prince of Lerralia, and young princess of...
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Looking to Lose by therealalleir
Looking to Loseby Alleir
Adulthood has many rites of passage: learning to drive, voting, moving out, going to college. The unspoken rite of passage? Losing your virginity. 19-year-old Isabel is...
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Tokyo by katelouisestyles
Tokyoby kitty kat 💘
In the futuristic city of Tokyo where knowledge is equal to salvation and creativity is known only as something found in the mentally corrupt, a young boy finds himself...
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The Hobbit: The Silent Ones by KaraThomas72
The Hobbit: The Silent Onesby Kara Thomas
You know the story of how 13 dwarves, hobbit and a wizard went on a journey to reclaim a homeland from a dragon. But what happens when a group of assassins called The Si...
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The Elvanian Archive: Lost Notes & Adventures by ndlyman93
The Elvanian Archive: Lost Natalie Lyman
A collection of story drafts, notes, maps, images, etc. from my discontinued High Fantasy project about the magical world of Elvania. This is not a polished story but a...
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The Alliance by CassChrisLaris
The Allianceby CassChrisLaris
A princess named Tiana sets out on a dangerous mission to rescue her kingdom from an evil warrior who is attacking the neighboring kingdoms and is heading for her own ne...
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Pearl & Diamond (Tales from Mirrorwood #5) by JocelynActual
Pearl & Diamond (Tales from Jocelyn Cole Actual
Girl meets boy. Girl loses boy. Girl has to fight to reclaim boy from evil faerie queen, or they both die.
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Adventurers of the Forest by CrazyCaliope
Adventurers of the Forestby Caliope
An adaptation of the old fantasy-adventure stories, except that eight adventurers have answered the call rather than one. The town of Stonebridge is in danger. An ancie...
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PALLADIN by theweirdreamer
PALLADINby theweirdreamer
Kadee Haruki is a normal college student transported in a different world to save the cursed king from dying. Being the chosen one, she must find the three (3) key ingre...
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RELIC by Rustyahoy
RELICby Rusty Nelson
Evil has found its way into Jessa's world and it didn't arrive alone. With drought, famine, betrayal and loss chasing her, will she discover the strength inside herself?
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Percy And Annabeth's Quest by Sarah_And_Fun
Percy And Annabeth's Questby Sarah_And_Fun
worlds collide by Geek-a-tron2000
worlds collideby Geek-a-tron2000
if the order of the phoenix and Argo crew read each others books, what chaos will it create when words collide? (set between Gof and OotP, and between HoH and BoO)
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☽ The Great Divide ☾ | OPEN WOLF QUEST BASED ROLEPLAY! by VistaClan
☽ The Great Divide ☾ | OPEN WOLF VistaClan
With the three packs, and maybe another, more bloodthirsty pack, are in Amethyst Mountain. But what story will come of this new story? We'll see!
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A Letter From the Sea by Rosie_Posie1
A Letter From the Seaby Rosie
After fifteen years, a letter from the sea can change everything... Jane Palmer has lived alone and reclusive since her husband had left her soon after her daughter ra...
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Wish by IS-ES-Tracy
Wishby Stressed, Depressed, Anxious...
Wish is a fairy. She's lived for a long time, and over the years, her power has become almost a legend. She's been on several quests, and on all of them, she's been on t...
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