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The Son of Finnick Odair  by Day1n_
The Son of Finnick Odair by Daylin
What will Bay Ignus do once he finds out that his father left him with another family when he was only one years old? What will Bay Ignus do once he finds out that his F...
The 150th Hunger Games by _Jinx8_
The 150th Hunger Gamesby Jinx
I do not own the Hunger Games. All rights to Suzanne Collins For the Sixth Quarter Quell there will be two Quell twists that will be incorporated into the Games Let the...
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Let The Games Begin by himali27
Let The Games Beginby Himali Patel
Peeta ate the Nightlock. Cato had the upper hand, he killed Katniss and became the Victor. The Rebellion never began. Kara Zenith is a 15 year old girl from District 8...
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Cannon Fire: A Hunger Games Story by GwendolynGay
Cannon Fire: A Hunger Games Storyby GwendolynGay
Somewhat ignoring canon, this is a story about the 2nd quarter quell: the 50th Hunger Games, where Haymitch won in canon. I wrote this for the fun of it and I figured I'...
The Hunger Games - The Richest by BigOofity
The Hunger Games - The Richestby BigOofity
In the nation of Panem, there are 12 districts and a capitol, every year, 1 boy and girl from each district is put into an arena to fight to the death until 1 remains. I...
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The Victor Diary's by _Jinx8_
The Victor Diary'sby Jinx
The Victors from 76th Hunger Games onwards and how they survived in the Hunger Games! Let the Games begin as we explore the Hunger Games after the Second Rebellion!
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