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What if Hermione was a Pureblood? by Lovegood_3
What if Hermione was a Pureblood?by Loony_love-goodFan
What if Hermione was not Bullied by Draco Malfoy? What if Hermione became Friends with Him? What if Hermione was a Hufflepuff? What if Hermione was not friends with Th...
pureblood i knew it!! by lokiwinchester525
pureblood i knew it!!by Sabriels daughter
Hermione was done with the rivalry between houses. done with being a lowly mudblood and along the way she may find her real friends real family and real love.
Tomione with a twist by AscendingAngel12
Tomione with a twistby Ascending Angel
Hermione Grindelwald has been groomed to be perfect, to be the best. When her father, the big bad Gellert Grindelwald, sends her to hogwarts to look for the cloak of inv...
The Cat & The Canary by AmaterasuNoMangaka
The Cat & The Canaryby AmaterasuNoMangaka
After the accident with the Polyjuice Potion, Hermione is left with permanent features of a cat - ears, claws, fangs, tail, and eyes. Her Best Friends desert her to save...
Son Of A Powerful Wizard by GlitchTrapz
Son Of A Powerful Wizardby Luna Lovegood Fan 🦅
What If Harry's Parents(James And Lily) weren't really Harry's Parents? What If Voldemort Killed James And Lily To get His Son back?
The Shades of Grey by shadowphoenix55
The Shades of Greyby Yvette Maximoff
What do you want? The hat asked, breaking the silence. And that was precisely the moment when it all changed. When Hermione Granger decided to forgo black and white and...
Another Hermione Riddle story by AscendingAngel12
Another Hermione Riddle storyby Ascending Angel
Hermione Riddle (need I say more?) I mean I already have two of these fics and tbh I'm prolly only gonna post this one to ao3 also. So I guess hermione is gonna be a lil...
How Harry Potter Should Have Been Raised by DragonGirl190
How Harry Potter Should Have Been...by DragonGirl190
Here is how Harry should have been raised, and how his years at Hogwarts should have been.
Granger to Maytrix by niva_214
Granger to Maytrixby niva
It's seventh year for Hermione and her friends. On her 18 birthday she gets a surprise. She's the oldest pureblood family. She's now a Slytherin. Every guy wants her, G...
The love spell by -ProjectMc2-
The love spellby Vin-Vin
let's change hermione's story: -------- Hermione is a pureblood girl who gets sorted into Slytherin, she has two best friends named Neville Longbottom and Pansy Parkins...
Hermes' Secret by samjoon2508
Hermes' Secretby Sam J.S.
I #1 in pureblood Hermione (15/04/21) I I #5 in Slytherin Hermione (15/04/21) I After a shocking and scary prophecy is written about Hermione Granger, she is forced to a...
Hermione Who(2.0) by HPCoyote14
Hermione Who(2.0)by HPCoyote14
After years of school and adventures, Hermione reaches the date of her seventeenth birthday, and she discovers her presence in the wizarding world is far greater than ju...
Domina Serpentium [A Pureblood Hermione Fic] (#Wattys2016) by OreoGirl16
Domina Serpentium [A Pureblood Her...by .
This is the story of Hermione Esmeralda Granger, only heiress to the Granger family name and the wealth and power that comes with it. Join Hermione as she embarks on her...
Pureblood by MishellCapra
Purebloodby Socially_Awkward_Dork(SAD)
What comes of the Wizarding world when Hermione is actually... a pureblood?
Hermione's New Life by MistahJs_Harley
Hermione's New Lifeby Harley♦️🃏
It's been three months since the Light won Final Battle that took place at Hogwarts. Hermione has found her parents in Australia and restored their memories successfully...