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A Nerd Punk Lover (Boy x Boy) by stantenslittlegirl
A Nerd Punk Lover (Boy x Boy)by stantenslittlegirl
Gilbert MacDonlad is an average shy, straight 'A' student, nerd; but being bisexual can be hard when your crush is one of the most out your league; no way, never in a m...
cafe by Im_a_weirdass
cafeby Im_a_weirdass
it's about a small cafe boy, and a loveable punk, the small boys name is hyizku andella, and the punk is ikiras Suva, him and his gang go to a coffee shop wile on a roa...
I'm Oli-sexual by SleepingInTheGardens
I'm Oli-sexualby Natalia
Oliver has just about given up on life. The bullying and the teasing only get worse, and the self-hatred only gets stronger. Why even bother with living? Although he st...
Camp Nekilburg by oooSPUDIEooo
Camp Nekilburgby Elliot common
Elliot and Sam get shiped to a camp in the middle of no wear that has little to no adult super vision. thay get put in to cabin 3... the seagulls they are the second old...