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Strange Love | Yoonmin by PEACHPJM
Strange Love | Yoonminby 𝓜
Where asexual punk rocker Min Yoongi comes to realize that the way he loves isn't so strange after all.
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The Power Of Attraction by peaceloverespect1234
The Power Of Attractionby peaceloverespect1234
Persephone (Per-SEFF-uh-nee) Acosta is the passive girl that believes everyone else's feelings are over her own and hides in the shadow of her twin brother, Perseus. She...
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What's it like to feel? by NekoSama123
What's it like to feel?by screwy specky git 😱
Please read desc. This story contains mention of abuse, bullying, alcohol and drugs. If you are sensitive to any of these topics please do not read. Mariah is a 15 y/o g...
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Punk Rock, and Zombie Guts by ViviMotionless
Punk Rock, and Zombie Gutsby Vivienne Saint'Mitchel
Mohawks, guns, sex, drugs and....zombies? Punk rock on a whole new level.
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Different//m.c. by _blondeunicorn_
Different//m.c.by M
"I have grown up believing I was unimportant. Believing I didn’t matter. My teenage life was and is a lot different from most kids outside of school, but in school...
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Hidden Love by All_Things_Fiction_
Hidden Loveby 💜Merida💜
Michelle Castro is a quiet teen and a freshman in Oaks high school. There are two parts of her, one is being a quiet, shy, and straight A honor student, who doesn't plan...
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Fear Of Loving by electrikfeels
Fear Of Lovingby Actually Lisa
Hanah Lucky's life hasn't been so lucky. Family problems, life problems, people problems. After something happened, Hanah never trusted again. Ryan Knot comes into Hana...
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Gingers life by ginger3
Gingers lifeby ginger3
This story's about a young girl who's bullied because of her hair color and personality. This story's about her school life and problems she faces with a twist of surpri...
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My life as a 6th grader by Pennywise335
My life as a 6th graderby Penelope Fiedler
This is basically a journal, except fiction (kind of). I wanted to let off some steam about my dramatized life. It really sux. I am having a hard time at the moment whet...
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Romeo And Juliet's Fine by lololwhatevs
Romeo And Juliet's Fineby cassie
For all non-musicians, Fine means the end of a sheet of music. Pronounced; (fee-nay) ----- Looking to read a book just like the movies? Boy meets girl at music store and...
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La Rollinga by Fever2214
La Rollingaby Fever2214
Poesia Callejera y Urbana - Poesias Punk rocker - Ser independiente en cualquier lugar - Letras de canciones propias.
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