Dinobot family (fanfic) by Crioslash_Prime
Dinobot family (fanfic)by Crio
Two girls, went to HongKong for a holiday and instead gets saved by the Dinobots. They decide to take the females in and take them into the forest since they have their...
  • dinobogs
  • humour
  • wolfgirl
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Take advantage of life by Nera44
Take advantage of lifeby Nera44
Young woman try to forget about the past and start new life in the diffrent city.
  • passion
  • artist
  • studies
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Breaking heart  by THEkittkat
Breaking heart by THEkittkat
A girl who always thought she was straight suddenly has a big crush on her friend who is also a girl. Now questioning her sexuality and knowing her friend won't ever hav...
  • rock
  • depressed
  • romance
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Too Punk For Nerds by fangirlingrules
Too Punk For Nerdsby fangirlingrules
Maxine Vigil, punk loser of the school unexpectedly dragged a nerd in her life, and thats when things took a different turn. (I'll probably regret this cringey story whe...
  • punkgirl
  • punk×nerd
  • romance
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That New Girl Just Changed Everything by abombx
That New Girl Just Changed Everyth...by Ashley
Audrey is all about doing her own thing and not making waves, but after starting at a new school things quickly get interesting. She gets into a fight with the most popu...
  • footballplayer
  • drama
  • love
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Skater Girl by the-ninja-knee
Skater Girlby the underbitch
He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious? Kristen Lawrence is known as the stereotypical 'punk'. She has wild, fiery hair. She has too many posters o...
  • projectgiggle
  • projectbadassgirls
  • friendship
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The curse is leaving (punkiplier x reader) by mangle12345678956
The curse is leaving (punkiplier x...by War mangle
You meet a 26 year old hot man he is a punk rock guy and you are the same but soft on the inside you are easy to crack the softness out you get in an argument with the g...
  • punkboy
  • punkgirl
  • punkiplier
Welcome by nuclearxkid
Welcomeby nuclearxkid
The story is about the depressed Leslie, who doesn't find a way to get out of this rough life...until she meets Billie Joe Armstrong. Enjoy peeps! 💚
  • billiejoearmstrong
  • billiejoe
  • punkgirl
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My Girlfriend the Arsonist  by Kat781
My Girlfriend the Arsonist by Andy Graves
Short story please read I worked really hard on this !!!!!
  • arson
  • done
  • stutter
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Heroes Legion: "Year One": Episode 13: Spellbound by maskedhero100
Heroes Legion: "Year One": Episode...by maskedhero100
When the Heroes Legion rescue a young adult female from the clutches of The Dark Elite, a series of strange events start to occur. A break in at a S.L.E.E.T vault lures...
  • mystery
  • punkgirl
  • heroeslegion
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Just a Game by fangirlfordaysss
Just a Gameby Erin Evans
Judith Cross was a hard-core punk teenager and if it weren't for the fact that she needed to graduate high school, she wouldn't have befriended Rachel Lee; and fallen ma...
  • love
  • innocent
  • punkgirl
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Forever Alone #1: Drifted by Malexx_Madison_23
Forever Alone #1: Driftedby MK_TeamCourage
After reading this book....you decide, do opposites attract?
  • friends
  • friend
  • opposites
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Love Song by lukes_side_chick
Love Songby lukes_side_chick
What if I told you that the nerd gets the girl? No, not the popular preppy girl that wins the schools hearts. I'm talking about the girl who's hair is dyed pink, lead gu...
  • boy
  • punkgirl
  • nerdy
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Go Ahead And Try by AvianGirl
Go Ahead And Tryby Brianna
While prom may be the annual tradition for some high schools, Levington High has a very unique game that is courted each year. A group of the most popular boys pick a co...
  • love
  • punkgirl
  • boy
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Lame Me by _Jeff_is_mine_
Lame Meby _Jeff_is_mine_
Random stuff about me like rants, fangirling, music videos, art, worries and anything else I want to add (I will take one shot requests) =)
  • bianca
  • rollypolly
  • borges
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On Hallow's Eve by cold-potatoes
On Hallow's Eveby lysser
A girl with an obsession with horror stories and old creepy legends. A boy that thought fears were foolish. A mysterious cat that seemed determined to bring the two toge...
  • scaryaf
  • zombies
  • gothgirl
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family tree by little_miss_310
family treeby emma grace
a book about a 17 year old girl who lives in new york loves dirt bikes and works at a garage from what she thinks eveyone hates her and bullies thinks she has the best...
  • romance
  • england
  • kingdom
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Sally by Hide_in_the_dark7
Sallyby Hide_in_the_dark7
The story of Ricki, a girl who will forever be know to the world of radio as Sally, a powerful girl with fierce opinions. Struggling to balance her up and coming band a...
  • punkgirl
  • lostinstereo
  • rocknroll
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Loving You by SugaChun
Loving Youby SugaChun
Yuki is a 16 year old good girl whose parents send her to a boarding school where she meets her roommate Jake a 16 year old punk chic. Something about Jake makes Yuki wa...
  • punkgirl
  • goodgirl
  • grilxgirl
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