crimson writings ➝ sherlock by everythingburnss
crimson writings ➝ sherlockby REEVES
❝DEAR SHERLOCK...I'M SORRY IT HAD TO END THIS WAY.❞ She stole his stone heart and took it with her to her grave. She was afraid to give up her own heart to him. So inst...
  • mystery
  • sad
  • bbcsherlock
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MOVIES by raj_10
MOVIESby Sinner
Just My Collection of movies. Yeah i have seen them all. One line reviews.
  • collection
  • classicmovies
  • roberdeniro
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SLAY RIDE by AndyLindPulpFiction
SLAY RIDEby Andy Lind
After being dumped by her boyfriend at a Christmas dance in Chicago, a girl takes an Uber ride home that turns into a night of terror and a horror for the holidays
  • murder
  • hard-boiled
  • pulpfiction
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STRANGER by -insta-mag-
Mia Foster, szesnastoletnia dziewczyna z Alabamy, wpada w oko miejscowemu gangsterowi. Po raz pierwszy spotykają się pod sklepem, w którym Mia kupuje nielegalnie alkohol...
  • nieletnia
  • alkohol
  • gangster
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Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? by AndyLindPulpFiction
Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm?by Andy Lind
This is a fictional tale inspired by the true unsolved crime of the murder of a woman in the 1940's that occurred in Worcestershire, England.
  • detective
  • scary
  • basedonatruestory
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Bela's Kiss by AndyLindPulpFiction
Bela's Kissby Andy Lind
This is a short story of fiction that is based on the true story of notorious serial killer Bela Kiss. This story is told from the perspective of real-life Detective Chi...
  • vampire
  • shortchapters
  • basedonatruestory
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