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Cupcake blind  by SakuraChan870
Cupcake blind by fell goth
Cupcake is blind and she can get around but she dose not talk to anyone because off what happen in the past her mother Gino love her and death name reaper also dose the...
yandere evil guardian (fem) x male reader X Overprotective Po (Infected) by Noname1891
yandere evil guardian (fem) x male...by Noname1891
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L o s t  F i l e s       -DO NOT OPEN-    [REDACTED] by UmbranWarrior
L o s t F i l e s -DO NOT O...by MonochromeSPACE
*you found a Case laying around in some Ruins of what looks to be like a lab or hospital. It's Labeled "Do not Open" at the top and has a poorly drawn Lock on...
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I Got You Princess (Carl Grimes) by A_Lot_Of_Fandoms_011
I Got You Princess (Carl Grimes)by AussieLix♥️
This is going to be one of those cringe Carl grimes x readers. The reader is a shy girl that has been friend with Carl all his life he has liked her Sense he was 12 yea...
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TAXI DRIVER by SuperwomanTrish
TAXI DRIVERby SuperwomanTrish
"The whole conviction of my life now rests upon the belief that loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon, is the central and inevitable fact of huma...
yandere Adopted Mother pudding x child bendy reader by Noname1891
yandere Adopted Mother pudding x c...by Noname1891
(pudding belongs to DarkSideClock.) ...................
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