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Thick, Creamy, Delicious Pudding by G0lden_Muggy
Thick, Creamy, Delicious Puddingby -Really kinky shit-
Pretty much a continuation of "A Slimy Experience". Did the rp with the same person as before so I hope you enjoy.
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Food Fantasy Headcanons!! by SitTheFudgeDown
Food Fantasy Headcanons!!by SitTheFudgeDown
this game has gotten pretty popular and I like it! All the characters are really snazzy and interesting, so I decided to write a book about all the headcanons I come up...
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• 12 • Dustin Henderson  by Lonelytrash16
• 12 • Dustin Henderson by Lonelytrash16
It all began with two girls and a missing boy Both initialed with numbers, One with 11 The other 12 How did Hawkin's town become a real nightmare that was only told i...
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Ichigo x Kisshu  by June_Miku
Ichigo x Kisshu by June_Miku
When Ichigo falls into depression after Kisshu comes back to Earth, everyone starts to worry that Ichigo is keeping a dark secret... WARNING: Mature content, self-harm...
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Bakery Blair: Everything You Can Eat by kw48063
Bakery Blair: Everything You Can E...by kw48063
Amazing recipes including cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies, and more!
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Master, Please Eat Me!  by miusagii
Master, Please Eat Me! by みう
"Wh-why won't master eat me!" "I want to be eaten ;-;" "Dear Pudding Lord, turn me into something more edible for master, amen ;-;" . . . ...
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PUDDING 🍮 by Mantou_bun
PUDDING 🍮by Li’l P
ေရွာင္ေဖ့ေလးအတြက္ လက္ေဆာင္! 🎁
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12 Days Of Christmas: Miraculous Edition by NotSoEvilMastermind
12 Days Of Christmas: Miraculous E...by cait
In light of my absolute favourite holiday, this is a short, twelve-part story following the tales of our favourite duo as they stumble through the twelve day of Christma...
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In Love With Pudding {Nanbaka} by MidnightStars7
In Love With Pudding {Nanbaka}by Middy
Kailina Mitsuba is the younger sister of Kiji Mitsuba, and unlike her brother she happened to be a bit of a troublemaker , so when being kicked out of school for the las...
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stealing hearts // niall horan by goodlouisvibes
stealing hearts // niall horanby Just another kid
Allison is definitely torn around the edges. Allison. Just Allison. No last name, no middle. Her town calls her 'Grey' because her once blue sparkling eyes have turned i...
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yandere evil guardian (fem) x male reader X Overprotective Po (Infected) by Noname1891
yandere evil guardian (fem) x male...by Noname1891
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Crazy love (book 1) by The-Infamous-Harley
Crazy love (book 1)by The-Infamous-Harley
This story is in Harley and the jokers PoV see how they felt through all the stories you know and all the ones you didn't know ever happened.
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Ink On Paper by HasiVA
Ink On Paperby Hasini
This is a collection of my poems. None of them are arranged in any particular order, but the dates are recorded, so I would advice considering my age when I wrote these...
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L o s t  F i l e s       -DO NOT OPEN-    [REDACTED] by UmbranWarrior
L o s t F i l e s -DO NOT O...by MonochromeSPACE
*you found a Case laying around in some Ruins of what looks to be like a lab or hospital. It's Labeled "Do not Open" at the top and has a poorly drawn Lock on...
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Joker's love story (slow updates) by wolfpire13
Joker's love story (slow updates)by wolfpire13
It's the suicide squads joker love story. The Joker is played by the hot Jared Leto (his band is 30 seconds to mars #amazing) a girl named Erin (ace is her code name) an...
A Second Chance by AddictedToHiddleston
A Second Chanceby The Trickster Goddess
Piper Watson married her high school sweetheart after dropping out of college halfway through her degree. A year later they moved to London in which they both started to...
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⭐️ ASK/DARE THE PALETTE'S!! ⭐️ by ColorfulxPain
⭐️ ASK/DARE THE PALETTE'S!! ⭐️by ⭐️ ~ Palette ~ 🌟~ Rurik ~ ⭐️
Please don't ship up together- ASK US WHATEVER ⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Rurik and Palette
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A New Enemy by platiumdragon
A New Enemyby Deanna
Twins Keki and Kyandi never thought it would happen. One day, they transformed into Mew Mews! But rather than join up with Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, and Zakuro, th...
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Cookies by QueensofBaking
Cookiesby Hannah - Hailey
Need a recipe for cookies? Well you are at the right place, this book has recipes of just about every cookie you can imagine! The cover was made by: @Chaotic_Monki -Rank...
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Old Memories, New Love by YoutubeAndBooks3
Old Memories, New Loveby YoutubeAndBooks3
After 3 years the aliens return in search for help as their living conditions are becoming worse. Will they find help or find something they never expected? Will Kisshu...
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