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Lonely Hearts by QuickXGlee
Lonely Heartsby Quick
They say that lightning never strikes in the same place twice...If only the same rule applied to teenage pregnancy. Obviously I don't own glee because if I did it would...
No Strings Attached by timesoftrouble
No Strings Attachedby tara
When Santana doesn't show up to the bar, Quinn ends up meeting a guy instead. He's visiting from L.A., and she's living in New York City, which is just what she needs af...
Unexpected match by finchelstories
Unexpected matchby Finchel
Rachel Berry, she's head Cheerio and the school's sweetheart. Finn Hudson, he's the school's bad boy and sleeps around. Rachel berry's twin brother: Noah puckerman happ...
The Player (Noah Puckerman) Glee Fanfic by ChloeGleekThe100
The Player (Noah Puckerman) Glee F...by Chloe James
Molly Hudson is Finn Hudson's twin sister, they look extremely alike, the only difference is that Molly has bright blue eyes. What will happen when Puck, the school's pl...
Sweet Caroline (Glee Fanfiction) by ryderlynnfever
Sweet Caroline (Glee Fanfiction)by Fara
I never though that a stupid Ballad assignment can changed my whole life. A sweet caroline in glee club changed everything in my life to be a sweet life. The sweetest th...
Baby Berry by KatlynSmith16
Baby Berryby pagetsleftboob;)
This is not my story! Created by JivingwithRylei on fanfiction.net A bit of Mommy! Kink, post-Beth: Quinn breastfeeds Rachel. Rachel gets so turned on she has to stop a...
Back To Lima Heights - Santana Lopez by Alwaysgonnabeme23
Back To Lima Heights - Santana Lop...by Anonymous Reader
Shawn Hudson, younger sister of Finn Hudson, comes back home to Lima after living with her grandparents for 3 years and going to a school for behavioral issues and disor...
Klaine One Shots by blaineydayss
Klaine One Shotsby blaineydayss
Hey guys, this is my one-shot book as you can tell by the title. It has quite a few chapters but don't get scared off by that!😂 I'm just providing the klainers with stu...
w 1 t n e s s by ellehabite
w 1 t n e s sby a.
one rookie. one girl. one goal &&& A particularly rough play sends upcoming hockey star Tyler Dewalt crashing through the glass. Disorientated, the first face he sees is...
He's Got a Love Like Woe - [Slash] by reedperson
He's Got a Love Like Woe - [Slash]by Gracie
'There. It's done. I can walk away with my pride and the knowledge that after sixteen long years, I've finally gotten laid. (It's a pretty awesome feeling.) Before I go...
See Kate Score by annesurak
See Kate Scoreby anne !
Kate Pruitt is beyond grateful and excited that the owner of the famous New York Rangers hockey team let her join them. With a new apartment and her dog, Stanley, she's...
Where Do I Begin? by tuff_enough
Where Do I Begin?by cj butterfield
Courtney Jane is one of those "never give up" kind of girls. Jane has gone through a lot in life too and the only two things that soothes her is hockey and her...
Natsuki Subaru The Anti Knight by Kingkari_vines
Natsuki Subaru The Anti Knightby Kingkari_vines
Natsuki Subaru was just a normal boy just going out to get a bite to eat until he was randomly summoned to another world where he died and watched his friends died multi...
Glee Preferences by Ruby_Saphire
Glee Preferencesby Gleek
Finn, Puck, Sam, Artie, Mike, Ryder, Jake, Sebastian I found their are not many glee preference stories so I thought I'd try one out! Happy to take request for ideas or...
All Actions Come With A Concequence by ThatPotatoWhoWrites
All Actions Come With A Concequenceby ThatPotatoWhoWrites
The glee club is buzzing with anxiety and nervousness, it was a couple of days after their a win in one of their many choir competitions and everyone is ecstatic, althou...
Little Hudson by thedude_dude
Little Hudsonby thedude_dude
Mallory (Mal) Hudson is a freshman at Mckinley High School. Unlike her brother, Mal is not popular,but somehow she catches the attention of Noah Puckerman (season 1)
The Australian | Charlie Conway  by moviesbabe
The Australian | Charlie Conway by 🎬🦖
Some may ask how to describe Elyse Brondayle. In short, the answer would include: Ice Hockey Badass Annoying Witty Feminist Stubborn as hell Her whole life is flipped...
The Book Full of Secrets by rokozzie
The Book Full of Secretsby Rokozzie
Based on the book, "The Book With Secrets" by Nerdlike3001. The McKinley High glee club reunion gets hijacked by a stranger with a book of secrets. How will th...
nhl imagines by hockeybabestars
nhl imaginesby Katy
nhl one shots w ur fave hockey boys
Rem (Re:zero) x Male Reader - "Away From Reality, Close To Fantasy" by sebasnyanchi
Rem (Re:zero) x Male Reader - "Awa...by The One That Procrastinates
It was a rainy day and along with Subaru, you got sucked into the world of fantasy.....with a curse. Unfortunately, you two are separated in time's dimension and was sen...