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Partners in Crime (boyxboy) by Wolfie_Northrop
Partners in Crime (boyxboy)by Wolfie_Northrop
Cody Winters, a boy with a dark past and Adrian Nighte, a psychopathic boy with the capability to kill. Combined, is a path to disaster.
  • murder
  • psycho-thriller
  • blood
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My Psycho Boss by littlemissgrey
My Psycho Bossby littlemissgrey
"Baby I would never hurt you..", he whispered in my ear as he trapped me in between him and the wall. "Your mine.", he whispered once again as he ki...
  • psycho-thriller
  • obsession
  • love
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killer // by _lacyy
killer // k.thby _Lace_
kim taehyung; a secret serial killer who becomes a licensed psychologist to kill his victims by slowly convincing them to commit suicide min ara; a depressed girl who go...
  • fanficv
  • tae
  • love
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Not So Innocent | Jai Brooks. AU by janoabbie
Not So Innocent | Jai Brooks. AUby janoabbie
What happens when you're faced with a mental patient who controls you? Do you try and leave or do you face the consequences? *CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, SEXUAL REFERENCES...
  • psychothriller
  • jamesyammouni
  • jaibrooks
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GREY [Grey Series Book I] by aundreathewriter
GREY [Grey Series Book I]by Aundrea The Writer
There was something "freakish" about Eric Chandler. If black clothing, heavy metal music, and a general apathy toward humanity didn't turn Chantel off, then st...
  • obsession
  • german
  • badboy
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Sensorium by Veronica_Gabrielle
Sensoriumby Veronica_Gabrielle
What if you forgot the last few years of your life? Would you recognise yourself? Would anyone else? **A Wattpad Featured story - March 2018** After waking from a coma...
  • thriller
  • lies
  • ya
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The Girl in the Basement by Habiba_Elsadany
The Girl in the Basementby Habiba El-Sadany
After Darcy Tucker lost his mother as a child due to something his teacher, Mrs. Rudd, had done, he swore vengeance on her. Eight years later, Darcy finds a nanny-wanted...
  • psychopath
  • featured
  • basement
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Unfortunate; Kevin Khatchadourian  by NoelAshley5
Unfortunate; Kevin Khatchadourian by LoveYouLotsss
" They always told me satan would be attractive... But they never told me that I'd fall in love with him. I guess It was just unfortunate." - Lauri...
  • miller
  • thriller
  • love
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The Night Made This Decision by SmallBobInc
The Night Made This Decisionby bitter's in fashion
A falsely imprisoned man spends most of his adulthood in prison, only for new DNA testing to finally clear his name at age 70. His reintegration into society, however, d...
  • imprisonment
  • secondnovel
  • dark
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Psycho Senior (BxB) by lucas1996-
Psycho Senior (BxB)by Lucas1996
In southern California Luke grew up with no one caring about him. His mom was a housewife busy with friends all the time and his dad was always in New York City. Luke th...
  • romance
  • gay
  • depression
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Disequilibrium by Sepherene
Disequilibriumby kirah
[A psychological thriller] When you can't even pay for a bottle of water, you might want a friend like Casper. This may be hard considering he's the God-given prophet o...
  • mystery
  • wattys2015
  • sociopath
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Sweet Creature ➡️ H. Styles by Yasminwriter
Sweet Creature ➡️ H. Stylesby Yasmin
The hallways of Kings Park Psychiatric Center aren't as empty as they seem. ➡️ Slow Updates - please be patient!
  • harrystyles
  • psychotic
  • alishaboe
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Hello Mr Dolly ||MYG by HimeshidouMai
Hello Mr Dolly ||MYGby Himeshidou Mai
~SEQUEL TO "HELLO MR. PSYCHO"~ "Blood is thicker than water. And it is your blood that I crave. That will bring me back to life." "Blood of the...
  • namjoon
  • suga
  • sequel
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Underwater (a Bates Motel/Norman Bates fanfic) by A_Shot_In_The_Dark
Underwater (a Bates Motel/Norman ̶ɱ̶i̶s̶s̶ ̶ɱ̶Φ̶Ʈ̶i̶Φ̶П̶l̶ę̶s̶s
//SLOW UPDATES!!! Ridley Sykes was just an innocent high school girl when she moved to White Pine Bay, Oregon. Believed that everyone was good, didn't judge anyone. Norm...
  • homocide
  • psycho
  • romance
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Psychopath | YG by Xayachu
Psychopath | YGby yerim
Just realized that my roommate is a psychopath.
  • jimin
  • namjoon
  • taehyung
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BLACKer (BLACK Sequel) by jetaimediox
BLACKer (BLACK Sequel)by Nes🖤
How can someone think silently when the other side of them is constantly listening?
  • obsessed
  • amerry
  • psychotic
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UNDER by KellyAnneBlount
UNDERby Kelly Anne Blount
***Optioned for film/TV by Komixx Media! More info coming soon!*** Selected by @Unfriended for the Best of Horror! A serial stalker is on the loose. When detectives fin...
  • wattpadblockparty
  • killer
  • lgbt
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Night, Forgotten by emilylindin
Night, Forgottenby Emily Lindin
A desperate new mother must piece together her memories from the most violent night of her life - and confront the truth about the ghosts that have been haunting her eve...
  • psycho-thriller
  • haunted
  • pregnancy
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Dangerous Deception by NevaehHM
Dangerous Deceptionby Editing RN
"You want me and you love me. You just don't know it yet." His deep baritone voice seethed as he trailed the wickidly sharp blade over my cheek. "Please...
  • mentaldisorders
  • spinoffsorta
  • multiplepersonalitydisorder
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FOLLOWER by EricaAnnPark
FOLLOWERby f r a n c o i s ☕
Catalina don't have any idea that the one she's following on the instagram, is the one who will follow her back to the rest of her life.
  • thriller
  • chicklit
  • psycho-thriller
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