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"I-i'm s-orry", he walked towards her. She seen a knife in his hand. "J-ungkook p-lease n-o", he placed the knife on her thighs, slowly slides it up...
Unknown serial killer-psychopath  by Bangtan_dreamy
Unknown serial killer-psychopath by Kavee♡JK🐰
♡Taekook ff.. ♡Sensored parts such as abusing,killing. ♡Love Story. ♡About a Psychopath.. HIGHEST RANKS. #22 out of 1.64k psychokiller. #9 out of 1.64k psychokiller. ...
A MURDER'S RECIPE || KTH || by Hojinkook
A MURDER'S RECIPE || KTH ||by jeon gray♧
2005 East London The whole city of Stoke Newhington was in shivers after they found people brutally killed and thrown near the dumping yards. No one ever wished to mo...
Only Then by eipoohreel
Only Thenby eipoohreel
Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook are known for their kind personality. But what will happen if we got to know them better? Will we still think of them they way we think of t...
"I still love you" | Quackbur by IdidntStealShiz
"I still love you" | Quackburby Willow's crew
Warning: mentions of heavily triggering topics "Twinkle, twinkle little star. I'll help you end your sufferings Cut your wrist and let it bleed A gun over your head...
The President And The 2 Bastards | SVT (UNDER-REVISION)  by genesissvt
The President And The 2 Bastards | 𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒊𝒔
[R-18] Zhara Lee a competitive and a strong independent woman and a straight six consecutive years for being a president on their school zhara and the two boys wonwoo an...
Psycho's Love - Jungkook FF by Bangtanpedia
Psycho's Love - Jungkook FFby Your Fear
Friendship** trust** psycho love** violence** murders**. That's all I know. Very very very very slow update. :p
T♢XIC Niragi x reader x chishiya by fitemecrustybagel
T♢XIC Niragi x reader x chishiyaby Angel
**EDITING CURRENTLY** What happens when Y/n ends up in an abandoned Tokyo? well, she goes to the mall first, duh. "Arent you scared?" "No, I just got a s...
My Crazy Lover ~ Saida by YejinsGirlfriend
My Crazy Lover ~ Saidaby Cindy
Sana a cold-hearted, obsessive and life-less girl who pretends to fit into society. She's not like others, she will kill with no remorse or guilt. One day she meets a gi...
BLACK RED LOVE (jk psychotic AU) COMPLETED  by 7menchangedmylife
If u are expecting a normal girl falling in love with a psychotic person and living happily ever after...well no coz I'm a messed up person. Then u are in wrong story co...
PSYCOTHIC 18+ by Erotic_blonde
PSYCOTHIC 18+by Angelina
The story of a modern day serial killer Katherine is a perfectionist, striving for flawlessness and setting high performance standards. She is many things loveable, go...
Her.  by hernaanb
Her. by Angelica Hernandez
A few weeks after their break up. Katherine discovers that she has been replaced. By a man! She is willing to do whatever it takes to get her family back. Even if it mea...
"Your mine~" Yandere x y/n  by cut3c0rps3
"Your mine~" Yandere x y/n by Stickers
This is a classic Yandere x y/n story Warning: there will be blood, guts, gore, murder, etc!
Trapped In My Own Head by TheBlade05
Trapped In My Own Headby TheBlade05
!!!DISCLAIMER!!! If you can't handle murderous stuff I don't recommend reading it. This is a story about a boy who was normal until he unexpectedly got tortured when he...
willry - helliam  by notroroj
willry - helliam by 𝙧𝙟𝙟𝙟
these chapters include angst and comforting stuff??(also ALOT of slow burn romance??) fnaf is only included in this. and william afton, and henry emily i guess? (and th...
FAKE NERD  by Jen_gem03
FAKE NERD by Jen_gem03
Kai Hernandez the most dangerous mafia king in the world. He is short tempered,cold and heartless. He is hot and handsome, he is a player and he is quite smart. He love...
Beastars: A Steep Fall From Light by Rookter
Beastars: A Steep Fall From Lightby Rookie Actor
A few years after the events of the manga series, a new threat emerges from the shadows of the torn down Back Alley Market. Animals, both prey and predator, begin to dis...
Psycho by imjusttrashhhh
Psychoby Jimins wifeu🍦🦄💜
Lee Y/n is an normal girl whom moved to South Korea because of her dads work. But her life soon changes when Mr.Park comes in her life.
delirium  ,  american psycho. by heathledgers
delirium , american 𝕰.
❝The idea of your death was fervent, an ideal permanence of corruption, there was only an idea of you. The one that I had come to envision, the character you played like...
killer // by _lacyy
killer // k.thby _Lace_
kim taehyung; a secret serial killer who becomes a licensed psychologist to kill his victims by slowly convincing them to commit suicide min ara; a depressed girl who go...