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Yaoi & Yuri Pictures by XPersonafiedX
Yaoi & Yuri Picturesby XPersonafiedX
If you know the artist or if you are the artist of these pictures, please dm me and I'll give credit or take it down if you want me to.
Falling For An Italian (GerIta) by Flamiau
Falling For An Italian (GerIta)by Flamiau
Ludwig is a teacher in a large school. His physical education class is always either slacking off or bugging him about finding a girlfriend. He always knew that some of...
Spamano- jealous Spain by SkinnedjeansKat
Spamano- jealous Spainby Lovestar
Spain has been sad as ever these last few years that his little tomato left. He hasn't seen him in forever. And he's with that dang Prussian.
Prumano Neko Love by yaoibuddies
Prumano Neko Loveby yaoibuddies
This is a story im in the process of making, it has other pairings The main ship is Prussiaxromano And germanyxitaly This is a neko, and soul mate tattoo story in on...
Water sports by Norwegian-Dragon
Water sportsby Lukas Bondevik
Another oneshot- but it's PruMano Because fuck you there's not enough of these //WARNING SMUT AHEAD AAAAA BRING YOUR TISSUES FOR NOSEBLEEDS AND BRING YA CRITICISM BC I...
Meeting the Fam! by supgal
Meeting the Fam!by Prussian Puffins
It's hard to raise children,they say. You don't know the struggle, they say. Well I think it's time for all of you to meet the states. Read as America and fellow Count...
Until Our Dying Breaths ~Prumano~ by yuki_sohma
Until Our Dying Breaths ~Prumano~by Sierra
Romano meets Germany's Older brother, Prussia, Who he happens to fall for, only for trouble to stir up!
Hetalia Oneshots by FlyingExoticButters
Hetalia Oneshotsby Julie
From now on I'll be doing any kind of ship, whether it be male and male male and female or female and female! If you want me to write you something, make sure to name th...
Prumano: You will be mine. by Puroisen
Prumano: You will be Brookelynn Moka
"I will have you, even if I have to die trying."
GerIta by HetaliaHQ
GerItaby HetaliaHQ
Ludwig meets a lovely girl at an interview who seems to steal his heart. Little does he know that the girl at the interview was actually a man who looks really good in a...
Hetalia One Shots (All ships welcome!) by OUTtriohetalia
Hetalia One Shots (All ships OUTtriohetalia
A book of one shots from any Hetalia ship, from common ones like France x England and Germany x Italy, to rarities like America x Germany and France x Russia. No discrim...
My (shitty) High School Experience (Prumano AU) by LordTehOfGays
My (shitty) High School Groundedtildead
Prumano AU (I'm making them in the same grade please don't kill meh) High school, the best years of your life~! Lifetime bonds are made. The most memorable years of your...
Don't Go  by GBandLVyikes
Don't Go by Lovino Beilschmidt or Gilbert...
Two realities they never thought would happen. (COVER CREDITS: Artist; 麻樹とわ on Pixiv, ID no: 2014852)
The Cover Up | 2p!Talia by bonelessbastion
The Cover Up | 2p!Taliaby LittleTorbys
After being created by accident, the unimportant clones were 'swept under the rug' to avoid trouble. Trouble comes back, when they least expect it. | Featuring some 2p...
Hetalia Oneshots (On break) by ShootingStarlite
Hetalia Oneshots (On break)by Starlite
Permanent hiatus! (may come back) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Requests are allowed! Either PM me or comment! As the title says, this book is filled with oneshots concerning Hetalia whet...
Hetalia One-Shots by EmPines
Hetalia One-Shotsby that.onewriter
Basically I'll do a ship with an AU or idea that made me think of it, and you can decide if you like it or not. Really I just want to make this for the fun of it. Thanks...
Broken- Prumano by potatofarm2
Broken- Prumanoby Weebinbell
Gilbert is awoken by a crying Feliciano, who came to Gilbert after a fight with Lovino. Gilbert goes to confront Lovino, and Lovino seems to be more heartbroken than his...
Fanfics. by KileyStorm
#18 Kiley
2017 Edit: I'm re-publishing this because I feel like it belongs on here with all my other cringy stories. YAY my first fanfiction book, get ready for some terrible, ch...
PruMano: An unexpected approach by Saphyst102
PruMano: An unexpected approachby ◇Shizuka◇
If you're lazy like me, then I can just say, Gilbert bumps into Romano on the wrong kinda day. This'll include the nyo! versions as sisters. I guess it's kinda fluff??? ...
Hetalia one shots  by mochibat
Hetalia one shots by mochibat (she/they)
Some hetalia one shots because why not. Will only take requests at a certain point(like if I have no inspiration). So for now no requests. When I do take requests, pleas...