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Who's next?.... by Salt_Water_Taffy
Who's next? •~•TAFFY•~•
Matthew never listened to others words about his life. At least he thought he did. At least he thought he was able to make his own decisions. At least he thought he woul...
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Anterra. by OtakuAzure OtakuAzure
Every time a country is created, there will be a "human counterpart" for it. They represent the people. The pride. The spirit. However, rare cases occur where...
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True feelings (Prucan) by Wof_and_hetalia
True feelings (Prucan)by Wof_and_hetalia
Gilbert likes him. I mean it's pretty obvious to everyone, right? It's not so obvious to Matthew. ------------------------------------------- This is my first story! I m...
  • hetalia
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Paris  |•|Hetalia|•| by Anayz134
Paris |•|Hetalia|•|by Anaïs Bonnefoy
Anaïs is the personification of Paris. Francis has been keeping her a secret and the other nations don't know. But what happens when Anaïs suddenly bursts in the meeting...
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Hetalia shitposts by PencilAbuse
Hetalia shitpostsby Pencil Abuse
This will probably have slower updates than the bakusquad book, but oh well If I ever have to leave these countries home alone, Canada is in charge and Russia can help d...
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Who Knew? by bluetears39
Who Knew?by Matt Dela Cruz
Matthew Williams, the personification of Canada, never thought that he would fall in love, but he did. He fell in love with Gilbert Beilschmidt, the personification of P...
  • character
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Corrupted Power [A Hetalia Cardverse Fanfiction] by Hetaweebs
Corrupted Power [A Hetalia China stole my computer
Cover and story are Admin China's. The head cannons we use are a mixture of our own and KyoKoon64 on youtube (Mostly their's though) "I looked into those beautiful...
  • rochu
  • hetalia
  • yaoifanfic
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Two birds in a tree kissing <3 by OceaneBelliere
Two birds in a tree kissing <3by oceanebelliere
Human Pierre x human gilbird!!! Two cuties taken care by their respective big brothers Francis and gilbert! There will be jealousy with kumajiru (who is for the couple)...
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The Demon King and Angel Queen (Usuk) by Hetalia4EverAndEver
The Demon King and Angel Queen ( Sapphire Charlotte
The King of Hell and The Queen of Heaven have a secret relationship nobody can know about
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  • prucan
  • aphamerica
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Finding Ontario (Hetalia Fanfic) by IrishArtist2002
Finding Ontario (Hetalia Fanfic)by IrishArtist2002
Since I'm currently working on the story called America's Greed, I thought I would also publish this short story about when Canada and the others found Little Ontario. A...
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