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Bloodless love (Jeff the killer X reader) by bloodyrose206
Bloodless love (Jeff the killer bloodyrose206
Y/N was an average girl with a normal life. However, it all changed when she met a certain someone.
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios ŪwŪ by ILikeSpookySpaghetti
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios ŪwŪby ⊗⊗⊗
This was a dare -~- There will be smut òwó --IN DEVELOPMENT--
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Sounds So Sweet - Ticci Toby X Reader by andreanak
Sounds So Sweet - Ticci Toby X andreana
The goggles blinding your view sends fear tickling down your spine. The mouth guard mimics a smile worth a thousand words. This threat is here to kill you. Although you...
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The Proxies'  Pet by smellthefIowers
The Proxies' Petby ༄𝓓❁
as the title says.
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A New Proxy by AbiBlabby
A New Proxyby AbiBlabby
hey, this is my first story so please don't judge me if it is crap. because i might suck. Enjoy! :3
The Official Guide to Aria Johnson by MsSleepyKiller
The Official Guide to Aria Johnsonby Sleepy
Aria Johnson is an oc of mine who appears on my Tik Tok account, MsSleepyKiller. Though I am planning on a series on Tik Tok explaining her story, I thought a guide woul...
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Stuck in a loop// yandere!proxies X reader by Shadethrowingseagull
Stuck in a loop// yandere! Shade throwing seagull
Elementals, strong, caring, clever, tricksters. Able to manipulate air, to move objects much larger than themselves, often used to lift someone up or set them down, to s...
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how i became a proxy by ShadowFnaffan
how i became a proxyby Shadow Fnaf
basically how i became a proxy its as simple as that lol
You Found Me//Ticci Toby X Reader by xxsadvibbes6
You Found Me//Ticci Toby X Readerby ✨Nostalgia✨
The cruelty that flashed in the twitching mans eyes frightened you yet something about him enticed you in a way no one else ever had. After the blows and pain you had en...
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Book #1: Toby  by sky_lover2003
Book #1: Toby by Sky_Lover
This is a short story book series about a girl, she meets all these crazy, psychotic, sociopath deranged murderers, each book is about a different pasta and this, this i...
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Till the end of time by bloodyrose206
Till the end of timeby bloodyrose206
Alice Mikaelson is a 119 year old vampire hiding a secret. She stumbles across strange beings and becomes friends with them. As things always go in fantasy stories, ever...
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Wolf's Killer Mate by AutumnBee_124
Wolf's Killer Mateby Autumn 🐝
Nikolas Dawn is the King of a dying race of wolf shifters. In fact, only a handful of them are still alive, existing, but hidden. Once upon a time Nik, was a loyal follo...
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My Life As A Proxy (( REBOOT )) by Massacre0_0McKinley
My Life As A Proxy (( REBOOT ))by •Confused~Introvert•
A sweet innocent cinnamon roll of a girl in a house full of serial killers. Will she be accepted?? ( I suck at summary's )
Alex Kralie X Reader: Tapes by Speechless_Sparrow
Alex Kralie X Reader: Tapesby CANCEL The Hacker
Y/N L/N was one of the actors in Marble Hornets. Playing the role as Martha Kampton, A park ranger in the production. After Alex decided to cancel the movie, They all we...
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Nightmare come to life by Charlesm16
Nightmare come to lifeby Charles Michael Gill
Emily colt is a highschool senior left on her own when her parents go on a buissness trip. But with people being murdered Emily unknowingly finds herself in the killers...
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Love Blooms >TicciMask< by YourDailyWeirdo
Love Blooms >TicciMask<by _YourDailyWeirdo_
"You can't force love to form between two people, only with care and time, it will bloom itself"
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Urbains Killers  by Wolf-Cloud
Urbains Killers by Charlotte D Sushi
Disclaimer : Creepypasta and Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn don't belong to me. Fanfiction also published on my FF account. Summary : Fem/ Tsuna snapped. She killed peopl...
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Maladaptive Death Dreamer                    Proxy's x Reader FEM by MauiJardinaso
Maladaptive Death Mk Jardinaso
Mk is a Maladaptive daydreamer. She gets bullied a lot because of her wandering and pacing around. Soon she snaps because of it and kills everyone.