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Title| Eyeless Jack by ArtRiptidal
Title| Eyeless Jackby ArtRiptidal
I still feel alive It is hopless
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Sounds So Sweet - Ticci Toby X Reader by andreanak
Sounds So Sweet - Ticci Toby X andreana
The goggles blinding your view sends fear tickling down your spine. The mouth guard mimics a smile worth a thousand words. This threat is here to kill you. Although you...
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Marble Hornets and Creepypasta Randomness by MidnightDaNekoWolf
Marble Hornets and Creepypasta Midnight
Ah shet! Here we go again-
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If I love you (creepypasta story) by Chaotic_Neutral_
If I love you (creepypasta story)by The_Darkness_I_Hide
Jazamine, a young girl with clinical depression and hallucinations gets dragged into a secret world, one full of mystery and monsters. With her life on the line, she mus...
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My Life As A Proxy (( REBOOT )) by Massacre0_0McKinley
My Life As A Proxy (( REBOOT ))by •Confused~Introvert•
A sweet innocent cinnamon roll of a girl in a house full of serial killers. Will she be accepted?? ( I suck at summary's )
Creepypasta Fanfic by CreativityFlows93
Creepypasta Fanficby Hi, I'm CreativeFlow93!
Follow Amythest Wolfe on her Journey of becoming a Proxy for Slenderman. Does she have what it takes? Read to find out. This FanFiction is written in Collaboration with...
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Ask Kate the Chaser by Liltanbban1
Ask Kate the Chaserby Biscuit/Spark
Hey. I'm Kate. Asks are now open, I suppose. Ask me anything. (Because why not? My third fav Pasta UwU)
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how i became a proxy by ShadowFnaffan
how i became a proxyby Shadow Fnaf
basically how i became a proxy its as simple as that lol
☠️ Creepypasta Headcanons ☠️ by BENkitty123
☠️ Creepypasta Headcanons ☠️by TheFloralHero
Here are some canon/non-canon facts about the Creepypastas. You can figure out for yourself which of these facts you think are true, and which ones are false...
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Masky X Reader X Hoodie  by WildChild289
Masky X Reader X Hoodie by Bradley’s Bae 🤪
Alone in the forest, A runaway from your abusive ex bf, A savior named hoodie takes you to a mansion.... An outgoing guy and a cold hearted killer. 2 guys 1 heart... ...
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The Proxies'  Pet by smellthefIowers
The Proxies' Petby ༄𝓓❁
as the title says.
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Camp Creepypasta {Ticci Toby x Reader} by fearitselfkindasucks
Camp Creepypasta {Ticci Toby x jøey
You, the lovely reader, are an 18 year old that loved creepypastas. You've always thought them as fictional, but you'll soon be proven wrong. Nobody's ever really liked...
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CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios by Batcakes156
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Jess
Are you lonely? Never had a boyfriend? A fangirl? A fan of creepypasta? Do you wanna date a serial killer? If yes to any of those questions, go ahead and click that read...
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A New Proxy by AbiBlabby
A New Proxyby AbiBlabby
hey, this is my first story so please don't judge me if it is crap. because i might suck. Enjoy! :3
Insane suicidal reader x creepypasta by user80081291
Insane suicidal reader x Nothing
Warning ----- Attempt of suicide Cutting Deppresion Rape Gory Killing Cussing Cannalbilism Eating disorders I'm sorry if this story sucks, it probably will. This is the...
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Pretty As A Proxy ( Creepypasta Fanfic ) by brooke_demure
Pretty As A Proxy ( Creepypasta brooke_demure
UNDER REVISION ( Creepypasta fanfic ) One glance... One glance is all it took for Brooke to be dragged into a whirl wind of drama and complete hell. She was doomed to b...
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Another Proxy by LoveFanFic2Much
Another Proxyby LoveFanFic2Much
Hi! I'm Dean, a normal 22 years old and my life was normal. Until I moved out, I was 17... I and explored the forest. And did an extremely stupid thing, cut my index f...
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Urbains Killers  by Wolf-Cloud
Urbains Killers by Charlotte D Sushi
Disclaimer : Creepypasta and Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn don't belong to me. Fanfiction also published on my FF account. Summary : Fem/ Tsuna snapped. She killed peopl...
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Stuck in a loop// yandere!proxies X reader by Shadethrowingseagull
Stuck in a loop// yandere! Shade throwing seagull
Elementals, strong, caring, clever, tricksters. Able to manipulate air, to move objects much larger than themselves, often used to lift someone up or set them down, to s...
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R.I.P death by Julianne102938
R.I.P deathby Salty jar
This is a creepypasta story with 3 of my oc's and some more as minor characters this will have canon x oc ships and some scene I will draw and put in.
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