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Why Can't It Just Be You? by sapphiregirl22
Why Can't It Just Be You?by Hervina Mollejon
Highest rank: #9 in ChickLit 11.22.2016 She is the heiress. He is her father's protégé. She is arranged to be married. Women will do everything to be with him. She is un...
  • hot
  • phoebe
  • romance
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All of My Tomorrows by SabineBlackwood
All of My Tomorrowsby K. Morningstar
The abduction of the Commander was nothing short of a death blow to any chance that Humanity could repel ADVENT from Earth. It was like the flame that kept the Human Res...
  • slowburn
  • unrequited
  • lgbtq
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The Story of Catgirl (A YJ Fanfic) by goldenmilkyway
The Story of Catgirl (A YJ Fanfic)by star
Kamila Alden was kidnapped at a young age when her parents were killed. After six years of living under her kidnappers she's given up hope of having a normal life and fr...
  • fanfic
  • ballerina
  • nightwing
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New Beginnings by lillilycutie
New Beginningsby Anika Elizabeth
Dan felt guilty. Something he never had felt before. To say it confused him was an understatement. Dan knew only a few things, to hate and to kill. Or so he thought. Wh...
  • heart
  • teen
  • dp
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Taken by BrokenRobin
Takenby Dick Grayson
(This is my take on how Robin became Nightwing) Dick Grayson is a loveable dork, but also a mischief brat. There really is no inbetween for our young bird. But what happ...
  • nightwing
  • protege
  • blood
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Un ShadowHunter amoureux d'un Terrestre by melodieboisseau
Un ShadowHunter amoureux d'un MéloChouquette
Tomber amoureux d'un Humain ? Voilà ce qui est arriver à Boris. Alors qu'il est un ShadowHunters, Boris tombe amoureux d'un Humain, Arik. Lors d'une mission contre des d...
  • fantastique
  • bxb
  • shadowhunters
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Protegé by soffeeme
Protegéby soffeeme
It all started with a bad dream. It all ended with a bad dream. AU. September 1st, 1972. Albus Dumbledore stumbles upon a boy who reminds him a little too much of himsel...
  • blackinnon
  • familyissues
  • romance
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Devil's Heir {Hannibal Fanfiction} by machiavellienne
Devil's Heir {Hannibal Fanfiction}by machiavellienne
Hannibal Lecter is a destructive force in the world of men. He does not kill or consume human flesh because he has to; he does it out of pure pleasure. It amuses and thr...
  • cannibalism
  • protege
  • hannibal
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Eyes - Young Justice by sagesrain4
Eyes - Young Justiceby Sage's Rain
Your fear must become your motivation. Conquering that fear is better experienced up close, and personal. Wonder Woman's protege will learn that the hardest way possible...
  • fanfic
  • romance
  • love
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Travelling Tales by Flowtonair
Travelling Talesby Flowtonair
An old headmaster, with a twinkle in his eye, assigns a young magic student to accompany a weary wizard. The journey is simple at first; for Ellyn to learn more about th...
  • journey
  • protege
  • historicalfantasy
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A Little Protégé (Rise Of The Tomb Raider) by saltdfreckles
A Little Protégé (Rise Of The Danielle Popov
Lara encounters a little girl who changes her life forever.
  • larassidekick
  • riseofthetombraider
  • fighting
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All I wanted to do, was Pay My Rent on Time by BitterCoffeeKeeps
All I wanted to do, was Pay My BitterCoffeeKeeps
My name is Ruet and I have a week before I end up in jail. Now, to most people, me wasting my time on here would be a bad idea. But to me, this is exactly what needs to...
  • economy
  • henchman
  • surviving
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The Protégé by SmolLimaBean
The Protégéby Max
After convincing Thor of his death, Loki returns to earth, searching for something he can't quite place. When he comes across a mutant whose powers are very similar to h...
  • thor
  • professorx
  • superpowers
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Angel's Games by DownOnceMore
Angel's Gamesby Lou Harrison
  • passion
  • love
  • phantom
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Batfamily one-shots (nightwing) by thegravitytitan
Batfamily one-shots (nightwing)by Thedemititangod
What happens when the whole team disappear after a mission? And even after discovering their location,one of them can not be returned... What happens when di...
  • artemis
  • yougjustice
  • missmartian
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The Tale Of Elizabeth Saber by WaterfallOfDiamonds
The Tale Of Elizabeth Saberby WaterfallOfDiamonds
A poetic novel depicting the incredible life of Elizabeth Saber; the young girl with a hard start in life, that chose to see the world drenched in light. She will rise...
  • guardian
  • relationships
  • defy
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Sold to the Monster by AM_LostGirl
Sold to the Monsterby A.M.
He can't love. It's not part of his makeup. For almost 700 years he has existed on Earth, making deals while keeping himself amused and amassing a fortune. Until one day...
  • immortal
  • magic
  • souls
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