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Past Demons Haunt by Golden_Elephant1
Past Demons Hauntby Golden_Elephant1
Skyla is a seventeen year old girl living with her drunken addict of a mother and her stepfather who is no better. When she was five years old her parents divorced, her...
That's Our Little Brother [On Hold] by zieeziana
That's Our Little Brother [On Hold]by zieeziana
"what the hell you doing?" A boy that look older than us growl at the one of the jock who bullying the queit boy "and who this mute boy to you that make y...
Magic Of Flames  by YaoiYurishipper
Magic Of Flames by YaoiYurilover1827
This is part 2 book 2 of Wizard Among Mafia. Yep I'm finally uploading it my lovely readers. It has been many years since Harry came to the world of Flame users and met...
The Lost Afton Son(ShinDeku) by VillainDekuIsAmazing
The Lost Afton Son(ShinDeku)by Villain Deku 💖😌✨
This is a ShinDeku story. In this story, unlike my others, Shinso is NOT with the Yamazawa's but the Yamazawa's wishes that they could adopt him. Characters: Noah-Posse...
✔ 6 brothers and a Soulmate {MYG AU} ✔ by joonie_mai-mai
✔ 6 brothers and a Soulmate {MYG ❀~mai-mai~❀
¬ park jae young is about to get her soulmate tattoo-a soulmate is scary ¬ min yoon gi has a scarred past and no tattoo yet- a soulmate is bad news ¬ what if they were e...
At Ara'Novor by ImmortalAngel2k19
At Ara'Novorby Logan
The 501st and the 212th are on a Republic peacekeeping commission on the planet Corellia, led by General Skywalker and Kenobi. During the commission, the army is attacke...
For The Love Of A Danvers by winters_falling
For The Love Of A Danversby A.J Riley
Story taken place after Kara & Alex solve Kenny's murder case. The school dance is around the corner & a bad boy with a cold reputation asks Kara to the dance. Sadly he...
The umbrella academy: I got you brother by whyme1691
The umbrella academy: I got you whyme1691
An au where the hargreeves actually fucking notice klaus' disappearance Klaus won't be kidnapped by hazel and cha-cha, just his crazy ex. Note: I swear a bit
breathlessly taken by HodaHaytham6
breathlessly takenby Hoda Haytham
******on hold till june******* When Madeline is back for her second season, at her first ball she bumps into a mysterious stranger whom she later knows as marquess Ellio...
Messin With the Kid by SoraMJigen
Messin With the Kidby SoraMJigen
Oneshot. It's a rainy night in Calumet City, Illinois complete with thunder and lightening that scares the bejebus out of one certain Blues Brother.
I think we should run- Danatole by spookles
I think we should run- Danatoleby Corinne Francis
When Anatole Kuragin comes out to his father, the response is anything but positive. After getting disowned by Vasily, he runs off with Hélène and Dolokhov. He's never f...
Invasion by SoraMJigen
Invasionby SoraMJigen
Oneshot. What happens when the beloved musical automatons meet with a rather sinister silver force?
All My Stars by victoria_ukwute
All My Starsby victoria_ukwute
Allure Wilder doesn't, talk much just to her brothers and sister,she has been the apple of her siblings eyes ever since the passing of their parents and also because of...
The popular and the gamer nerd (With A Twist) by Minhyo_Phoenix
The popular and the gamer nerd ( Min Lia
This isn't your typical High School love story. Miyuki aka Valerie, a 17 year old who loves video games, and most importantly K-pop, from Phoenix High, is an innocent,ki...
The Lost and Found Family by ClaPan62
The Lost and Found Familyby Clara
For the first few years of her life, Lauren's life was a living hell. But it all changed once she got adopted into a caring and loving family. Now, with her two older ve...
Tough Kids: A Short Story by Falling_Pages
Tough Kids: A Short Storyby Falling_Pages
For as long as she can remember, Piper has been running a con. But she's always been alone, only having to look out for herself--then she finds an orphan in a dumpster a...
Bloodlines  by Phoenixflame03
Bloodlines by Phoenixflame03
I suppose you expect a large description with quotes and a lot of exposition, right? Well, I'm not much for that until Chapter 5 so you're safe. I'm Vivienne Jones. Runa...
Unexpected by Letmeputuonhold
Unexpectedby Natalia Romanova
When terrorists somehow get backstage at ATEEZ'S Concert, a lot goes wrong, and the members find help where they least expect it.