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Izuku Midoriya One-Shots by pancakesat2am
Izuku Midoriya One-Shotsby Millie
One shots with Midoriya being adorable as always with class 1-A. -Dadzawa -platonic and romantic ships -protective class 1-A -so much fluff *Keep in mind this was the fi...
Sunsets Lead To Sunrises (Dadzawa story) by pancakesat2am
Sunsets Lead To Sunrises ( Millie
When Inko leaves to join Hisashi in America, she leaves behind her son Izuku-entrusting temporary custody to the prestigious hero school U.A. Aizawa grows concerned at I...
⚡️Electrical Safety⚡️ (Kaminari Angst) by BlueNightFigure
⚡️Electrical Safety⚡️ (Kaminari KamiBestBoi
Kaminari knew he wasn't as smart as Yaomomo or Iida. Nor was he as strong as Bakugo and Todoroki. He wasn't brave like Kirishima, kind like Koda and Uraraka, or analytic...
Sans meets BNHA by TammyTheHuman
Sans meets BNHAby TammyTheHuman
I don't really know, just an attempt. Might go well, might not. We'll see.
Wednesday by HufflePuff4444
Wednesdayby HufflePuff4444
Something about Wednesdays never settled right with Todoroki. As of lately all of his bad days just so happened to fall on Wednesdays, but this one was giving his past W...