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Older Brothers | ✓ by nananaina_
Older Brothers | ✓by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
When the fierce and bitchy Lila Alfonso is suddenly thrown into the custody of her five elder brothers, will she be able to forget the past differences and live like a p...
Finally Found by MoonBeam1504
Finally Foundby MoonBeam1504
Gabriella White is a 14 year old girl who's had to face more tragic events then a 14 year old should. At the age of 12 her mother was brutally murdered in a home evasion...
Life of a little sister by Anna_kayy
Life of a little sisterby Anna_kayy
6 Brothers. 6 overprotective, annoying, ill tempered, pig headed, strong, caring, thoughtful brothers. It's not easy, but who's life is? They're a pain in the butt but w...
Tragedy ✧ John Murphy by SuperWalkingThrones
Tragedy ✧ John Murphyby SuperWalkingThrones
Julia Blake wasn't supposed to be born. Ninety-seven years ago there was a nuclear apocalypse on Earth. All that survived were twelve satellites that came together to c...
My new step brothers  by insaniumgirl
My new step brothers by Late night girl
Rosalyn isn't your usual 11 year old, she is smart really smart Which is basically what she used when her parents were always gone since the young age of 4 she has been...
Found Again  by notabaddie0
Found Again by 🦋
16 year old Madi has been raised as an only child, what happens when her mother dies leaving her with 4 older brothers? Will she open up to them or run? Will she find...
Todoroki's Little Sister by Yuzuki16
Todoroki's Little Sisterby YuzukiUzumaki
Shoto Todoroki is Endeavors' youngest son and his 'masterpiece' compared to his older siblings. However at the age of seven another child was born to the Todoroki family...
My Crazy Family by Jimmy_AAA
My Crazy Familyby Jimmy_AAA
"She staved herself so she could fit in." Lexi Hayes lives with her three crazy older brothers. First, there's Nick, then Adam, then Max. They are very protect...
Complicated by ShadeForMe
Complicatedby ShadeForMe
Tara Munt, is the youngest in her family, her age being 12 years old. She is also the only girl. Tara lives with her 8 big brothers; over protective, big brothers.
More than Protective Brothers by vernonsoccer19
More than Protective Brothersby Carly
Dear Readers, Riley, Drew, Jarrod, Cody & myself. That's all I have left. My parents are dead, so my brothers have to be both my parents and brothers all together. I h...
How it was before him | J.H by imemilyyyy
How it was before him | J.Hby imemilyyyy
Jess just moved in a new town with her overprotective brother. Broken because of her passed abusive relationship, she tries to move on, until one night she meets the pre...
Housemates ~Completed~ by Kaylabug005
Housemates ~Completed~by Kayla
Annabelle Simpson would love nothing more than for Christopher Beckham to drop dead by choking on a goldfish...or something along those lines anyway. But want to know on...
Windows by trappedavocados
Windowsby cons
When Rhea Scythe, a notorious billionaires's daughter who was kidnapped at the age of 4 - and proclaimed dead at 12, leaving her four elder brothers and father in ruin t...
By Blood We Rise by alexa1grace
By Blood We Riseby lex :)
Renesmee Rain Damarius is no ordinary teenage girl. Everyday she battles with her anxiety, depression, and tough family life. She is abused mentally and physically by he...
Sister of the Bad Boys by Angel_Loves_Books
Sister of the Bad Boysby Angel_Loves_Books
"Why can't you let me be my own person?! You 3 are always controlling my life and I hate it. I hate it!" Turning around, I started to make my way to my room...
The Bad Boy Is My Neighbor by __AllyTaylor__
The Bad Boy Is My Neighborby Ally Marie Taylor
I WILL EDIT THIS WHEN THE BOOK IS DONE!!!! Hey, My names Summer, Summer styles. I live in Los Angeles with my brother. Yes my brother. My father got a promotion so h...
Overprotective Brother by unicornsally12
Overprotective Brotherby Not your babe
Christina is a 15 year old, she lives with her mother. She used to have a perfect family but then get father and her mother divorced when she was 11. She also had a brot...
Family or not  by Sssumayaa
Family or not by Sssumayaa
She was just living life, not a care in the world. They just missed their sister and wanted to protect her from people lol them. Will she be able to live her life, wil...
Taming the Luna by VintageGoliath
Taming the Lunaby cookie
" Im going to rip that dress off your body to see what that material dares to hide" he growled in my ear. * Olivia is the only daughter of the most Powerful Al...
The Wall Between Us (YoongixReader) by ParadoxofParoxysms
The Wall Between Us (YoongixReader)by Rylee Abner
Things have been tough for the Jung family. Hoseok and his sister, Y/N were raised by their single mother. When Y/N was 16 and Hoseok was 20, their mother was killed in...