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Purity & Sin (a Lucifer Fanfic) by MJ-TWD
Purity & Sin (a Lucifer Fanfic)by Moonwalker
In an alternate universe... Chloe and Dan never split But Trixie needs more love. Lucifer and Chloe work professionally, But they never met Dr Martin. Lucifer owns the L...
  • fear
  • chloe
  • charm
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The gangleaders girl by ZaraB06
The gangleaders girlby Zara Bedford
At the age of 18 Evelyn Harper is a hard working student, who sees herself as an average girl with good grades and a party animal of a best friend. Ever since her parent...
  • gangleader
  • comforting
  • love
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30 Days of Lucifer and Trixie - [Writing Prompt June 2019] by HolyKingWasteLand
30 Days of Lucifer and Trixie - [ Hawk
[Series Notes] •This will be updated according to my timezone - AWST (GMT+8) •Trixie is her canon age - about 10. •Creator of this Writing Prompt List is Mia Botha and c...
  • issues
  • detective
  • daddy
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BAD LUCK by Suicide_Is_My_Friend
BAD LUCKby My_Broken_Mind
Deku is an orphan who was abandoned in birth, abused by the caretakers, bullied by his peers and most of all his quirk was late, if youd think he'd be happy hell no it o...
  • innocent
  • obedient
  • hated
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The J Brothers and Little Sister by JaneAllTheWay
The J Brothers and Little Sisterby Jane
Jade Callans just wants an ordinary life away from trouble and drama. But that's a bit hard when her brothers got quite a reputation at school for being the bad boy. But...
  • littlesister
  • overprotective
  • youngest
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Why Me? || Robert Downey Jr. Fic {Teacher x Student} by JustEditsx
Why Me? || Robert Downey Jr. Fic { ItsStrange
Andie Taylor is a rebel teen who gets expelled from her high school due to fighting, pranking and disrespecting the teachers. She wasn't always this way, ever since her...
  • drugs
  • downeyjr
  • fluffandsmut
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Soldier Partents by Yuulina_vre
Soldier Partentsby Yuulina
This is based on the story 'What does she need' from 'Little Supersoldiers'. It's about the life with Y/N when she doenst get big again.
  • falmilyfeels
  • cuddles
  • crying
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His Little Rose by LittleQueen1605
His Little Roseby LittleQueen1605
Rosangela Gold is a quiet girl trying to make it through her last year of high school. She has two older very overprotective brothers. She lives with her dad and brother...
  • beast
  • possessive
  • death
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✶𝕊𝕋𝔸𝔾𝔼𝔻✶ by CrystalJJohnson
✶𝕊𝕋𝔸𝔾𝔼𝔻✶by 𝙲𝚛𝚢𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚕 𝙹 𝙹𝚘𝚑𝚗𝚜�...
A.J. Carmichael's life is the stuff of dreams. Her boyfriend is an award-winning pop superstar, she just landed an internship with the most sought-after stage designer i...
  • love
  • summer
  • music
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His Angel in the Dark by AmberBalesar
His Angel in the Darkby Amber Balesar
Jessica gets abused by her mother everyday and no one knows. At school she gets bullied and she never had a friend. She has a good heart and would help anyone. Caleb is...
  • quiet
  • possesive
  • badboy
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Jenny's Heart by DressageGeek
Jenny's Heartby Katelyn Grace
Jenny is a girl with a brain and a heart of gold. Ever since she was little she knew exactly what she wanted. Aspiring to be one of the best heart surgeons in the world...
  • niece
  • billionaire
  • romance
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My Over Protective Mate by kiyaz23
My Over Protective Mateby ❤ Kiyada ❤
April gets born into the life of werewolves and witches. She loves to get into trouble and fights with authority. Her mother and father try to be easy with her, but they...
  • woods
  • deathandlife
  • werewolf
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Live a Little  by cloenoen
Live a Little by cloenoen
  • wattys2019
  • brother
  • romance
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Surviving - OC Spank Story by beautifulhearted94
Surviving - OC Spank Storyby Lizbeth Ramirez
She has four brothers, three of which are older than her. Having to survive the strictness of her brothers along with the demands of life is not an easy task. ⚠️ WARNI...
  • overprotective
  • jaketaustin
  • spanking
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Therapy by graycanary
Therapyby Gray
You and poison ivy. Established relationship. Gender neutral character: Gray. When your therapy fails, Ivy takes it upon herself to try and help you. Previous ivy/harle...
  • harleyquinn
  • batman
  • anger
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Crescendo in Crimson by Southpuffle
Crescendo in Crimsonby Southside Hufflepuff
Blood  and  water  Round  and  Round Beanth  my  skin and  underground ------ Gorgeous cover by Witchoria
  • action
  • supernatural
  • newadult
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Lady Selene by FackingHeck
Lady Seleneby Fujoshi Power
Lady Selene was cast out of the heavens by a god who was mad about her power along with her friends. She was cursed to be a Lycan 1800 years ago. She never though she wo...
  • love
  • possessive
  • lycans
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The Sound by JennyCaution
The Soundby CAUTION
She no longer cared if she had a heart or a hole, she no longer cared if she was whole or hollow, she just wanted to move on with whatever she had become and find life s...
  • iloveyou
  • bestfriends
  • family
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EACH HOUR by Goodstuffjr
  • handsome
  • dystopian-
  • dystopian-romance
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BTS Hurt/Comfort One-shots by BamBamsJAMS17
BTS Hurt/Comfort One-shotsby BamBamsJAMS17
These are a bunch of stories where one of the members get injured, sick, sad, or anything of the sort and the others have to take care of them. (And I always put fluff w...
  • crying
  • caring
  • fluff
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