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Mob... Sore mo Waki Mob no Hazu Nan Desu Kedo!? by Tsu2Na7
Mob... Sore mo Waki Mob no Hazu Tsu2Na7
Author(s): Bannbu Artist(s): Hanamori Ito 花守 絃 Afflicted with an illness at 25, my life s...
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Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard by arinrrin
Pampered Consort of the Fragrant ZyZy
Du Xiao Li, orang legendaris yang dihormati semua orang, namun tidak dapat menangkal kekonyolan nasib! Membuka matanya sekali lagi, mantap dan tenangnya masih dikejutkan...
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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World by WeiWuXian13
Number One Lazy Merchant of the LanWangJi13
NOTE: THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. AND I'M NOT THE ONE WHO TRANSLATED IT. For offline reading. Source: ********* ENGL...
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Su Wan is a Realm Destroyer. She shuttles to different time-spaces using the identity of the "Cannon Fodder Ex-Girlfriend", dedicated to plotting how to happil...
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God (Part 1) by RMzaid
Reincarnation of the Strongest RMzaid
Synopsis: Starting over once more, he has entered this "living game" again in order to control his own fate. This time, he will not be controlled by others. Pr...
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ဇာတ္လိုက္ကိုေရွာင္တိမ္းရမယ္!!    ဇာတ်လိုက်ကိုရှောင်တိမ်းရမယ်!! by LauraMoeHnaung
ဇာတ္လိုက္ကိုေရွာင္တိမ္းရမယ္!! ဇ ေလာ္ရာမိုးေႏွာင္း
《Zawgyi》 I DO NOT OWN THE STORY. FULL CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR Shēng Yī(笙欹) ခ်င္းစုယြဲ႕ဟာ အရံဗီလိန္ဇာတ္ေကာင္အျဖစ္ ဝတၳဳထဲသို႔ ကူးေျပာင္းေရာက္ရွိလာတာကို သိသိျခင္းမွာပ...
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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love by lenelu22
One Birth Two Treasures: The lenelu22
For a million worth of contract, she became a surrogate mother. He was the chief executive of the Empire and she was of lowly birth. With her adoptive father's business...
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dear me - journal by kookieauthornim
dear me - journalby yunie productions
in which a girl by the name of thia goes by yuna, writing stories to her heart's content despite the hard situation in life.
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It Seems like My Body Is Completely Invincible by AtheaDeadAngel
It Seems like My Body Is AtheaDeadAngel
***This story is not mine*** ***You can find it in novelupdates*** Her wish of wanting to be born with a strong body that absolutely can't be defeated by anything when s...
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The Princess Wei Yang by AtheaDeadAngel
The Princess Wei Yangby AtheaDeadAngel
***This story is not mine*** ***You can find it in novelupdates*** Life is unpredictable. Her husband loved her stepsister, deposed her as Empress and even forced her so...
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Beli Ayah untuk Baby My Mommy by riri_hailla
Beli Ayah untuk Baby My Mommyby riri_chan
461 Bab + 11 Cerita sampingan Pernahkah Anda melihat seseorang membeli ayah untuk dirinya sendiri? Suatu hari, seorang bocah lelaki bernama Fu Xing bertemu dengan seoran...
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Who made Me A Princess  by imtheinnocentdevil
Who made Me A Princess by B○r|\|@
When I opened my eyes I had become a princess! But out of all characters in this romance novel, why is it the princess who has the fate of dying to her own blood-related...
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normality at its best by RileyMaddison-Finch
normality at its bestby RileyMaddison-Finch
our main character, normal girl that she is, lives a very normal life and has a very normal future. there is absolutely nothing going on in her life, and nothing will ev...
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Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight  by YukiKatsuki
Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight by Amamiya Yuki
This time around, Joker and his team are transported to the Velvet Room by Justine and Caroline to take part in a super-intense battle. ✅Cover by me✅ Note: Will update a...
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The Last Hour by Ilvazu
The Last Hourby Ilvazu
The Master Clock- a divine invention made with the purpose of preventing the world from collapse. One day, without warning or credence, the hands fall still, plunging Th...
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American Boy by Ms_Anonymous_Writer4
American Boyby Mahi
Twenty three year old Estelle grew up in London. She spent her entire life in Great Britain sipping on tea and dreaming about a different life. But packing your bags a...
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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu by Tsu2Na7
Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei Tsu2Na7
Original Author: Tachimori Asahi Translator: Nakimushi I'm a very ordinary girl who had no interest in otome games, but was suddenly sucked into the world of a cliche Ot...
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Tranxending Vision II by Little-Xue
Tranxending Vision IIby Ammaru
☆Novel Terjemahan☆ Bagian 3 Xia Lei, yang orang tuanya sudah tidak ada lagi, harus bekerja keras untuk menghidupi dirinya dan saudara perempuannya. Suatu hari, dia menga...
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Danger Ahead by Cats-in-the-ally
Danger Aheadby Kitty
(Edited and Restarted) When four best friend who are almost family are sucked into a strange prophecy, and forced to save the world, what happens? Will they survive? Wil...
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The World In The Palm Of My Hand  by MannyIsTired
The World In The Palm Of My Hand by Manny
Y/n L/n just a normal boy, is he really? He's not as normal as he seems though, he actually is far more dangerous, but he's not a bad guy, he's a good guy. Though he fin...
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