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A Soldiers Strength by imastupididyut
A Soldiers Strengthby imastupididyut
A soldiers strength. Who's to say that the soldier has to be in some army with a gun in his hand and a big knife strapped to his hip? This world is filled with many s...
  • baby
  • romance
  • soldier
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The Heart (Langst) by _Pastella_
The Heart (Langst)by okplutto
The one true weakness to destroying Voltron is on the inside. Break it from the inside out. But that means you must start with the heart.
  • hunk
  • keith
  • voltron
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Clipped Wings by ElectiveChoices
Clipped Wingsby Elective Choices
** I lost inspiration and could use any reader input you might have to offer. --------------------------------------------------------------- Since having her hands ampu...
  • prosthetics
  • hook
  • dae
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The Junk Shop Boy Likes My Leg by QuirkinessBear
The Junk Shop Boy Likes My Legby Quirk
a Klance Steam punk AU by QuirkinessBear
  • lance
  • couples
  • pidgegunderson
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Titanium by SugarMune
Titaniumby Peanut♥️
Hot headed and temperamental meets cool, mostly shy, and collected.
  • present
  • past
  • individuals
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Amelia's Hope by ArmienaGreen
Amelia's Hopeby Armiena Green
Amelia is going to a swim meet when her car spins out of control into oncoming traffic. Her parents , who were in the front seat die on impact from semi truck hitting th...
  • disibilities
  • prosthetics
  • swimming
Gadgets and a Metal Heart by Jae-nox
Gadgets and a Metal Heartby Jae-nox
Highest rank #71 Science fiction/comedy/romance Nothing much happens in Sarendune, a town plopped somewhere in a desert by the same name. 16 year old Declan knows that...
  • declan
  • gizmo
  • romance
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Losing Emiline by maggiemayb
Losing Emilineby maggiemayb
When Genevieve's sister Emiline goes to war in Afghanistan Genevieve convinces herself that everything's okay until she hears that she's been paralyzed from her knees do...
  • afghanistan
  • immigrants
  • prosthetics
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I promise to honor, cherish and protect. by ramalhinho
I promise to honor, cherish and Rameki
He is Henry, the new guy. He is handsome and sweet, smart and funny. And he has no hands. She is Leonor. She is beautiful and loves reading. She is witty and has an easy...
  • love
  • prosthetics
  • shy
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Feg  by mllu8101
Feg by Amateur de chocolat
"Oh my gosh, Lizzums!" He said. I turned, looking at him. This can't be good. "It's a Feg!" He squealed. I closed my eyes, disappointed that this ch...
  • leg
  • crash
  • prosthetics
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S(ign)ine Wave by GenesisProject
S(ign)ine Waveby Project Genesis, Official Acc...
(Warning: May contain light to mild gore.. Read at your own risk) The year is 2258. Technological advancement has begun to spin out of control. However, there seems to b...
  • antisync
  • fringe
  • prosthetics
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Broken Hearts (Excerpt) by weirdvision
Broken Hearts (Excerpt)by Ioana Visan
When life breaks you, you pick up the pieces and move on. As The Nightingale Circus begins a quest to deliver a power source that has the potential to change the outcome...
  • genes
  • prosthetics
  • cyborgs
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See For Me [Editing slowly] by WandererAtHeart
See For Me [Editing slowly]by Bayne
Eden has been through more than most, and she's ready to start on her own . . . but not quite yet. With only two months standing in her way of legal adulthood she return...
  • house
  • eyes
  • blind
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Prosthetic by UnoCardz
Prostheticby UnoCardz
Told from the perspective of her conscience, Maria is a girl who lost both her legs in a terrible accident. Her doctor, Steven Collins, is a single billionaire who Mari...
  • teenagers
  • prosthetics
  • legs
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Broken People (Excerpt) by weirdvision
Broken People (Excerpt)by Ioana Visan
You don't always get what you want, but if you're lucky, you might get what you need. For one week only, an impenetrable castle is open to the public, and Dale Armstron...
  • scifi
  • circus
  • cyborgs
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