A Psycho's Prospective by munchkin2017
A Psycho's Prospectiveby HADES CHILD
Second book to the Prospective series You do not need to read the first book to understand this book. hope you enjoy
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  • feelings
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What is love? by dontcare113
What is love?by 💜That One Idiot💙
My explanation on what Love is. Who loves me? People. Why do they love me? This book has that information too.
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  • prospective
  • valentines
Palette of Words by venyabiebes
Palette of Wordsby venyabiebes
Just really vaguely penned down thoughys in what seems to be poetry
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  • life
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The Bullies Side Of The Story by TokyoGirlGhoul
The Bullies Side Of The Storyby ~~Kiryan_Chan~~
(really personal. please be nice...)Every story seems to be about someone being bullied. Whether is be online or in real life. Why about the bully's prospective?? #Later...
  • change
  • bully
  • pov
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Parallel by bandlvr123
Parallelby Lauren
The concept of life is an odd one. To most people, it is a period of "living" in a physical body, doing menial tasks and trying to accomplish a goal of epic pr...
  • secret
  • mirror
  • mystery
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Morals by Wildwolves01
Moralsby Wildwolves01
  • philosophy
  • random
  • thoughts
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#1- Fear by Tantrumchild
#1- Fearby Daphney
#1 Prompt:Write a story that includes a streetlight, a bear, and a kid with a jar of honey. Objective: I want the readers to understand that animals have feelings too, j...
  • creativewriting
  • prospective
Nia's Perspective by _jordynwelle_
Nia's Perspectiveby _jordynwelle_
How does Nia actually feel. Is she happy that she doesn't have a lot of attention or even solos.
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My prospective by rayonice
My prospectiveby rayonice
There is not a lot i could say about this book but i can say that its my prospective of life
  • prospective
  • raymondprentice
Breathless by BreathlessHistory
Breathlessby Kris
BoyxBoy. Christopher has never lived a happy life. After his mother left, he was forced to live with his abusive father. When he was finally enrolled in high school he t...
  • mystery
  • father
  • red
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Wait and Watch by BreakAwayFromReality
Wait and Watchby Jessica C.
The world has changed, the economy has fell and food and people are slowly disappearing. Lily had watched her family finally quit trying to survive, trying to quit livin...
  • end
  • confusion
  • attic
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A Scrumptious Relationship by ProjectScrumptious
A Scrumptious Relationshipby Scrumptious People
When Mistletoe Nevers A.K.A Misty, crush/teacher Mr ByeForest starts acting suspicious she begins to notice some changes in him. Like the fact that he always comments o...
  • funny
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