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Pedro Pascal+characters one shots part 2 by writergirl81
Pedro Pascal+characters one @writergirl81
This is going to be an extension of my other Pedro Pascal characters one shots. Just about the same as before The Mandalorian-Din Djarin Pedro Pascal Javier Pena Dave Yo...
Pedro Pascal+characters oneshots by writergirl81
Pedro Pascal+characters oneshotsby @writergirl81
Since these prove to be quite popular, I decided to some one shots of Pedro Pascal and his numerous characters. They will include but are not limited to: Pedro Pascal Ma...
Devil's Sons M.C. (Manxman) by ShadowQueen45
Devil's Sons M.C. (Manxman)by I❤️Pizza
Hunter Wilson lives by one code - Loyalty. Jesse Jetter lives by one code - Family. A story featuring a group of Harley Lovers, a motorcycle club named Devil's Sons. In...
Riders MC by diamondhunni
Riders MCby Glasgow, Scotland
MC romance Currently #35 in action What happens when your friend leaves you alone at the busiest nightclub in town? What happens when you bump into a hot biker who is s...
Finally. by GabbyTeller
#5 Megan
Ronnie Teller. The bastard child. The teenage mistake. The out law. The drop out. The runaway. The smart ass. The rebel child. No one loves her. No one cares f...
Bulletproof Heart (Sons of Anarchy) by CrazyForSlimShady
Bulletproof Heart (Sons of Anarchy)by Chloe Best
Sarah 'Bullet' Decker almost dies walking home but the club save her. She couldn't get out of the clubhouse fast enough but finds out the club is the reason she's here...
After Launch - a Prospect (2018) story continuation by BJFarrar
After Launch - a Prospect (2018) Brooke Farrar
The continuation of Cee and Ezra's story after launch. I finished watching the movie feeling completely satisfied, but also feeling like I would go crazy trying to figur...
Diamond Heart ♡ Tig Trager ♡ Sons of Anarchy by velvetweiland
Diamond Heart ♡ Tig Trager ♡ Megan
"I might not be flawless but you know I've got a Diamond Heart." Erin was simultaneously aching for change and running from her past. With some life changes ha...
Almost Blind [First draft] / On hold by annieperception
Almost Blind [First draft] / On Annie Debi
I'm sorry to do thins, but I have to put this book on a hold. I'm too busy to write it atm. Also I'll start updating once I have at least 4 new chapters written, othervi...
A 1 Quality Construction LLC by Construction21
A 1 Quality Construction LLCby A 1 Quality Construction LLC
8407 Tapestry Circle Apt, 303, Louisville, KY 40222 502-240-8952
EUONIA       - ezra (prospect) by pedropxscal
EUONIA - ezra (prospect)by a
if you're in love, then you are the lucky one PROSPECT ezra x oc
My Diary Will Always Remember Me by livingonemotion
My Diary Will Always Remember Meby Eve Mackenzie
Ava Morris had little to none friends unless you counted her dear family and her diary for that matter. Her closest companion is her aunt, Tilly even though she lives th...