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♡《Dekuverse》♡ by 101_Ash_101
♡《Dekuverse》♡by _Ash_
bnha reacting to some multiverses I do not own any of the fanart/stories/pictures/video's unless I say so I also do not own bnha
The quirkless Ghoul  by Mr-Kruger
The quirkless Ghoul by Kruger
The world is battling two major problems on one hand you have Pro Hero fight villains and on the other you have the CCG hunting ghouls... But what if an ghoul become an...
Just a dysfunctional Family by LePhantomCheese
Just a dysfunctional Familyby ✨Phantom Cheese✨
When Shigaraki and the League of Villains were given the task of taking care of All For One's son, Izuku, they didn't know what to expect, but despite this, they came to...
[ON HOLD] Perfectly Gifted (BNHA x OP! Reader) by September_Gail
[ON HOLD] Perfectly Gifted (BNHA Gail_Purple123
To be rewritten ______ They say that 'no body's perfect' No one has ever reached perfection. But what will happen if someone will be born into the world perfectly gifte...
Wolf Deku (DISCONTINUED) by Excalumbra
Wolf Deku (DISCONTINUED)by 😎
Shortly after being told by All Might that he cannot be a hero, Izuku Midoriya is transformed into a Werewolf. Armed with abilities, that are unknown to the rest of the...
words kill the heart. (Kamibaku) by Tobyjue4444
words kill the heart. (Kamibaku)by jayjay
Kami had his secret exposed to the entire class by the person he trusted the most. Broken and betrayed he runs to the roof. How do baku and kami get together? Will it wo...
All for One and One for All  by Mr-Kruger
All for One and One for All by Kruger
The Son of an hero raised by an villain. The life of izuku Midoriya
MHA Watch My Hero Academia (Deku X Harem) by Zach150
MHA Watch My Hero Academia (Deku Zach190
The cast of MHA are in for a treat as, while taking a break from watching other worlds, Z and Zeik decide to show them their own! Sit back and enjoy as you read the hero...
~Clockwise~ [Bnha x Oc] by HanamiQueen
~Clockwise~ [Bnha x Oc]by Hanami
[Self-insert Oc as Eri's older sister] She couldn't believe it. She Refuses to believe it. It couldnt be possible, right? In denial... Superpowers? Those shouldn't exist...
Unknown Numbers by tashaamorgan
Unknown Numbersby thatoneblackgirl
in this izuku has a twin izumi they always stayed in contact for the songs they write and sing also for modeling , izumi lives with their rich dad in America an suddenly...
Cheer tips by Teenageriotxox
Cheer tipsby Teenageriotxox
Need any tips on cheer or getting into a cheer team I'm here to help also( going to rant a bit)
Wisher's from soul by am_wri_jooamznnayno
Wisher's from soulby Priyu &Rmmalifeline
It's not story neither poem nor pros it's whisper from soul which include all above
Gazing At The Stars by CFLUniverse
Gazing At The Starsby Fairy Tail
Driven by anger, she doesn't hesitate to leave her home when the opportunity is given. Not caring where she went as long as she was far away from the place that harbored...
Twisted Fate by CFLUniverse
Twisted Fateby Fairy Tail
Crossover. Boku No Hero X Fairy Tail Another one!? Yup. Summary: Her father wanted her gone, in all literal ways. She decides to fulfill his wish, in the darkest of way...
Grim reaper bnha pro hero x reader by EeeeXttttt
Grim reaper bnha pro hero x readerby EeeeXttttt
(Im not good at descriptions so this is just a little heads up) This is sorta a fanfic story/textfic -I included some scenes of the anime into the story - fun times you...
Tour again  by chmergatroydvalenna
Tour again by Nicole
The former dwts cast goes on tour 10 years after the show has ended. They all now have family's and things have drastically changed
The yokai watch hero (Yokai watch x yokai watch jam x mha) by nightmaredream714
The yokai watch hero (Yokai Nathan Sakumi
After Izuku saved Bakuhoe from the slime villain,All Might didn't show up because the media, Izuku found a watch on his bed.There is a note attached to it. He accidental...
The Pros and Cons of the Rich Life (discontinued till further notice) by literallybreathing
The Pros and Cons of the Rich sarah
❝We were screwed up rich kids who couldn't afford love.❞ Cecilia Evans. The new and upcoming breakthrough model. She could tell you a lot about her life, and why she abs...
unfortunately by jessf_writer
unfortunatelyby j e s s
you are a god of your own. © 2017 by Jess
DREAM STUCK IN MHA by TheQueenbee2000
Dream was winning a manhunt as always as he gets sucked into a Portal... What will happen? Will he get home? Or will he be stuck forever? I don't own the art nether MHA...