Peligroso Amor -Oscar Díaz- by fabs119
Peligroso Amor -Oscar Díaz-by Fabiola
Que peligroso amor, es tu amor para mi... "She's not moving. Lina over here is my hyna, she's mine." That sentence made my chest feel heavy. I couldn't breathe...
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Billionaire's Mate by LoganStacy
Billionaire's Mateby LoganStacy
Kathleen Harper had been always considered a loner in her school. She had the occasional friend, but her bullies always ruined it for her. She also had an occasional boy...
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Muslim Love Story. [ COMPLETE ] by FatimaO111
Muslim Love Story. [ COMPLETE ]by F.
Read this story as it follows the beautiful journey of Hira and Amir on their road that takes them closer and closer to marriage, love, Islam and Allah. *prologue in the...
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Finding Islam by FatimaO111
Finding Islamby F.
King and A'ishah. Two people. Two completely different worlds. Lifestyle's that lie on opposite ends of the spectrum. Fate brings them together and by the will of Al...
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amante (oscar diaz) ♱ au - on my block by motiv82018
amante (oscar diaz) ♱ au - on my annemarie
"i had fun today." he said leaning against the car. "me too." i whispered. he pulled me in and pecked my lips thrice before letting go and getting i...
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Supernatural BSM and DDM Preferences and Scenarios by Simply-Fandom-13
Supernatural BSM and DDM Tony
Warning// I don't own Supernatural or you. Trigger warning all throughout the book, but not every chapter.// REQUESTS CLOSED Y/n- Your Name F/c- Favorite Color F...
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Dani Willow (Supernatural Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
Dani Willow (Supernatural Loki
16 year old Dani Willow has tried to have a normal life but she was born with wings. She was bullied and abused because of them, she had few friends but that all changed...
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Supernatural Preferences and Imagines by emeraldcity221B
Supernatural Preferences and Emerald City
My second Supernatural Preference and Imagine book, hope you enjoy! I own none of these characters. If you like this, I think you also enjoy my other books: -Supernatura...
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Together, Forever by FatimaO111
Together, Foreverby F.
He looked down at me, taking in a breath before his warm hands cupped my face and he ran his thumbs up and down my cheekbones as if wiping away tears. "I'll never...
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1| Whatever It Takes// On My Block by Lets_Panic910
1| Whatever It Takes// On My Blockby 8-100-Rangers
"Everybody waitin' for the fall of man Everybody prayin' for the end of times Everybody hopin' they could be the one I was born to run, I was born for this" ...
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Male Prophet reader x R6S by AnthonyBeal
Male Prophet reader x R6Sby AnthonyBeal
No description
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Street Cred |On My Block| by PERFECTLY2000
Street Cred |On My Block|by Amber Hagis
On my block fan fiction When Aaliyah moves in with her aunt and cousin Latrelle, she gets affiliated with the prophets and meets a group of friends who have a member of...
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Legacy by juno_15
Legacyby Angela Griffin
Rachel Manalis worked as a waitress at an Italian restaurant in Bellevue. She was perfectly content with her simple job and lifestyle, away from the stress of her broken...
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BISMILLAHI ARRAHMAAN ARRAHEEM. Assalamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh 😁🌟 This book is a collection of short Islamic stories that will inspires you InshaAllah. I lov...
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STRIVE FOR JANNAH  by xThePineApplex
بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم Assalamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh. In the world of technology, race, job, tensions, debt, business, success, failures, compe...
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Her Angel, His Prophet |Castiel X Reader| by _BlackEyedAngel_
Her Angel, His Prophet |Castiel TheCellistLee
Your name is Y/n, you're 30 years old. Your life was once normal, nice house, good job, friends, but all of that changed once you met Sam, Dean, and their angel friend...
  • demons
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Without A Trace  >>  Dean Winchester  by Caroline_Blackwood
Without A Trace >> Dean Caroline Blackwood
"She's a ticking bomb and her time is running out." [ A Supernatural Dean Winchester FanFic ] -written by Caroline Blackwood- Start: officially published on Ja...
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Islamic Stories by lovefortheOneandOnly
Islamic Storiesby lovefortheOneandOnly
Assalamu Alaykum! I want to share some beautiful Islamic stories so that we can all benefit from them In'Sha'Allah. I hope You will enjoy them. These stories are not wr...
  • akhirah
  • muslim
  • worship
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♡♥Enlightening Souls♥♡ by chickse11
♡♥Enlightening Souls♥♡by chickse11
My Lord: Grant me wisdom, and join me with the good.[26:83] ♡♥Enlightening souls is a book in which Authentic HADITH, SUNNAH, DIFFERENT DUAS, THOUGHTS & SM...
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Short Islamic Stories by GuardedFaith
Short Islamic Storiesby GuardedFaith
Asalam-O-Alaikum This book will tell short stories of the prophet and sahabah. They are small stories but have lots of meaning. Reading this book can change your life...
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