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30 days of joshler by softiecore
30 days of joshlerby softiecore
Mostly dom!tyler because that my favourite to write 🤷‍♀️ + #8 in tysh + #1 in prompted
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1200 Creative Writing Prompts by melissadono
1200 Creative Writing Promptsby Melissa Donovan
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Otherworldly Sights: A Short Story Collection by The_Talespinner
Otherworldly Sights: A Short A (mostly inactive) friend.
From pools of paradise on high mountains and peaceful places hidden beneath forests to kisses above the moonfall and floating islands, my mind takes me across time and s...
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50 Prompted Drabbles by TimelessWriting
50 Prompted Drabblesby Bella Archer
50 prompted drabbles focusing around the anime Free!, Kuroko no Basuke, and Haikyuu!!
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Akashi Seijuurou x Reader by TimelessWriting
Akashi Seijuurou x Readerby Bella Archer
A short Akashi x Reader I wrote for AbbieVanity~
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Prompted Fiction by CarolinaC
Prompted Fictionby CarolinaC
A self-challenge wherein I take a prompt found on the internet, and write whatever I am inspired to write. Expect to see a wide variety of genres - the only rules I've...
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Prompted by TrueSupernatural13
Promptedby Rachel (Winchester)
A collection of short works each of which was inspired by writing prompts. Enjoy! Original Works by J.R. Winchester
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What the Mind Produces by ReaderSingerNerd
What the Mind Producesby Em
A series of one-shots, shorts and short-stories inspired by prompts my friends and I exchange, or just random thoughts I have. Nothing particularly profound or even good...
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Warm by acupofunusual
Warmby chance alon
How do you know if it's love?
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The Return of The Liar by autumnus_librolingo
The Return of The Liarby Autumnus Librolingo
A simple little drabble that I wrote after a prompt from "virtual writing academy". Please enjoy!
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take me  by ohtwohappyboys
take me by it
random oneshots
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Blair's book of short stories  by Jesus-Who
Blair's book of short stories by Luka
In which I take a prompt and write a fiction based off that prompt.
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Minecraft prompt by moomooma55
Minecraft promptby moomooma55
This is what happens when your friend tells you to write a story based on a Minecraft song parody. You can't just back down
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Echoes of a thousand souls by MidnightHyde
Echoes of a thousand soulsby Midnight Hyde
Stories based off prompts I find. If you want me to do a certain prompt just put it in the comments.
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The Musings in Company by alaska-ren
The Musings in Companyby alaska-ren
Just random scribbles :p
Short Stories and Poetry by _the_book_reader_
Short Stories and Poetryby The_Book_Reader
A collection of my short stories. Will be updated often, hopefully.
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Random Prompted Writings by fernwehsearc
Random Prompted Writingsby Scara
This is a collection of prompts that I wrote, some are serious, most are fictional. I think I have a magic AU, aliens AU (but it was really just an Infinity War fanfic)...
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Supernova's Short Stories by x-Supernova
Supernova's Short Storiesby <3
I have accumulated lot's of short stories over the years, so this is just a treasure trove of all my short stories! Read as you wish. Prompts are always welcome!
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To Be A Nerd by neverreadharrypotter
To Be A Nerdby Ace
A short (hopefully) story based on a prompt I found on Pinterest blended with my own twist. The prompt reads as such: A world exists where the roles and interests of ner...
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Late Last Night by Ahawk360
Late Last Nightby Austin Brashear
Poetry on my insight of worldly conflict
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