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Broken Promises  by urbanTh0ts
Broken Promises by urbanTh0ts
Dave and mulatto fanfic
  • affair
  • money
  • mulatto
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Bread Butter Love_by mouli by introvertsoul99
Bread Butter Love_by mouliby 04Sadaf
a sandhir ff by mouli.. peep in to know more
  • promises
  • compromise
  • love
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Cross My Heart  by emEtem_mrig
Cross My Heart by 🦌
"She promised to be there always, she promised she'd never leave me again, but I guess some promises are meant to be broken." I sighed as another voice in my h...
  • funny
  • heartbreak
  • twins
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Same.... but Different by drowninjoonsdimples
Same.... but Differentby chasingthemoon
"Who really are you?" - She asked looking into his eyes. "I'll tell you when the time is right." - He replied looking down. "Don't feel ashamed...
  • mafia
  • namjoon
  • fanfiction
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Nakasikretong Pag-ibig || FumiYam FF by kristalfy
Nakasikretong Pag-ibig || ᴋʀɪsᴛᴀʟ ✨
"Bawal." Yun pala ang salita na kinakatakutan sa sikretong mag-jowa na sina Fumiya at Yamyam. Sa likod sa lahat ng biro at palusot nila, gusto silang magyayak...
  • lovestory
  • secretlove
  • fumiya
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Broken Hearts and Promises (A Colby Brock Fanfiction) by goldiewhamgurl
Broken Hearts and Promises (A Emily Murs
"I loved you. I still love you. But loving someone doesn't mean anything when you don't trust them anymore. You made so many promises. You lied. you should never ma...
  • promise
  • promises
  • explore
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The Girl Behind Their Songs|| BTS x NCT127 by HopeWorldAngels
The Girl Behind Their Songs|| ✿Daewnees
[OPEN] ❝ The biggest source of inspiration of our new album was somebody special and close to us. ❞~ NCT127 ❝ Well, from the moment when we saw her, inspiration came ri...
  • btsrapmonster
  • promises
  • btsjhope
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Broken Promises by Thags_2006
Broken Promisesby Thags_2006
People say promises are meant to be broken. Jacob Clark. Anak mayaman, mabait, maginoo, at may respeto. Jacob has 3 things important in his life. His friends, His Empire...
  • happiness
  • rivalry
  • promises
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365 Days Without You  by Empress_Allisse
365 Days Without You by ソピヤ 柏原
I suddenly realized. . . Should I stick with my norms and discipline? I am a woman with making my words into actions and making every norms change. I have three mottos i...
  • happiness
  • foreveralone
  • randompoetry
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Her last tears (English version) by danple48
Her last tears (English version)by Sundeongkim_lee📝
A sad and tragic story of loss and love. It might bring you to tears. It is a story of a young mother who is sick. Her husband and daughter never knew about what her ill...
  • sick
  • sad
  • burried
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Katsuki's Weakness by KatsuxDeku2003
Katsuki's Weaknessby KatsuxDeku2003
Class 1-A of UA High are discovering what their weaknesses are. Katsuki Bakugou claims to have no weakness but All Might knows he does, but what is it? Does Katsuki have...
  • protecting
  • promise
  • forgiveness
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'The Promise' by DreamOnWhileYoung
'The Promise'by DreamOnWhileYoung
Nananatili pa din sa isipan ni Kian ang kanyang childhood friend niya 10 years ago.. They made promises to each other by the time they will see again.. At, kung papaano...
  • teenfiction
  • necklace
  • gangsters
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From Being Loved To Hate  by nikkisanadhya
From Being Loved To Hate by nikkisanadhya
" be ready we are going for a dinner " said romil with bitter toung . " I am not going anywhere with you l" said Mihika with angry tone . " I...
  • betrayal
  • friendship
  • promises
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Stand by HannahTibtani
Standby HannahTibtani
Standing in faith on the promises of the Almighty God
  • christianpoem
  • love
  • faith
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'Dearest Liu, the best brother in the universe!' (Leah and Liu) by Xx4astrid4xX
'Dearest Liu, the best brother CoreeX
  • illneverforget
  • promises
  • static
 The date || H.S| L.T|| by comlila
The date || H.S| L.T||by comlila
"You need to stay away from me." He spats at me, I on the other hand smile with tears in my eyes. "Why- ugh - stop smiling!" He shoves a finger at m...
  • news
  • kisses
  • self
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Take One Step to Day 32 (One-shot) by Shimethyst
Take One Step to Day 32 (One-shot)by Miss y
She's his little bundle of happiness. He gives color to her unhappy life. Being with each other is their day-well-spent kind of days. They got separated... but not by he...
  • lovers
  • oneshot
  • firstandlast
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Because I Promised by aes_eunnie
Because I Promisedby aes_eunnie
"W-Why" Tears accumulated in my eyes, "This isn't a funny joke, Sungwoon" "I wish it was a joke." He sadly smiled. He took the necklace and...
  • love
  • koreanstory
  • ministories
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