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Prologue Book by Creepypasta_fander
Prologue Bookby Blaize
So... I write stories, this is not new information. But, I have no idea what story you kings, queens and non-binary royalty want me to write. This book is a book of basi...
Stories That Are Coming Out Soon... by HubbZ28
Stories That Are Coming Out Anime_Is_Life
As I said in the title the stories are coming out soon... I usually out the Prologue and description of it and then the story comes out later. I just wanted opinions if...
Prologues of a Hero named Izuku by SonicAsuraX
Prologues of a Hero named Izukuby Geri Henderson
List of My Hero Academia Prologues involving our favorite Cinnamon Roll Izuku Midoriya.
Prologues by emmai00
Prologuesby E m m i y
Prologues or Previews for story ideas to books and other stuff. Feel free to use these prologues to your stories. If you like one of these, please let me know (: ~Bein...
Prologues by Sketchy2400
Prologuesby Shifter2400
This book is for the prologues for my upcoming books.
Prologues That Lead NOWHERE by Four_Of_Hearts
Prologues That Lead NOWHEREby Little_One
Just a collection of prologues I have written that have no story to them. Feel free to use them to start your story (though it would be cool if you tagged me, no need...
Prologues by SapphireClawe
Prologuesby SapphireClawe
These are just the prologues I have for stories that I won't publish on Wattpad, mostly because I want to get it truly published. This is my way of seeing how you will l...
Le livre à résumés- Summary Book by MariePierreDesrosier
Le livre à résumés- Summary Bookby Marie-Pierre Desrosiers
Souvent, j'ai des idées de livres, juste comme ça, j'en ai tellement, que je ne sais pas lequel réaliser comme livre en premier. Il y en a en anglais et en français. Ils...
Possible Stories by shivastrife
Possible Storiesby FlyingPandaBears
Prologues that I come up with that I may or may not turn into a book.
Short Stories, Excerpts, Prologues, Oh My!! (One Shots) by AndTheMoonSpoke
Short Stories, Excerpts, Violet
WARNING: Will contain some boy on boy action, if you don't like,don't read. Most of this is just for fluff and feels, not much sexual content will go on in here, but the...
Story Teasers by TragicAffection
Story Teasersby TragicAffection
>Descriptions, prologues and first chapters of my works in progress.< [ ] I've loved to write for some years now and always want to be working on something along...
The Book of Books by pottertoes
The Book of Booksby Olivia Starr
This is basically a compilation of prologues, and/or first chapters of books. I have a serious problem with finishing stories, so these are a few beginnings.
Short stories|Prologues|teasers|and more! by devistator115
Short stories|Prologues|teasers| devistator115
This is a collection of short stories, these short stories can either be a prologue or a teaser, I will never say, so I guess you will just have to read to find out your...