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The Hierarchy ✔️ by jalenisms
The Hierarchy ✔️by Jalen Williams
Obey or Die. Morgan belongs to a war-torn puritan village of left behind women and girls, some having gone their entire lives without seeing more than a handful of men...
  • sci-fi
  • dystopian
  • featured
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Assassins | Book 1 by Alexandria_Blaire
Assassins | Book 1by Alexandria
[Book 1 out of 3] ------- "To be honest, I never thought that you were actually interested in me," I said, leaning against Karma's chest as I spoke. "I've...
  • fanfiction
  • karmaxoc
  • romance
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The Bad Boy's Princess by mintchocochipcookie
The Bad Boy's Princessby Chocolate Chip
~ We stopped looking for monsters under our beds when we found them in our heads ~ Zoe Le Rue. She's rich. She's bad. Her fists hit hard, and so do her words. Just...
  • projectundiscovered
  • hurt
  • sister
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Typical I ✔ by FineSarcasm
Typical I ✔by angiewu
{Highest rank: #222 in Poetry} "They say beauty is to be noticed, so she hid hers." o..oo..o This is the tale of the girl that tried so hard to be invi...
  • poetry
  • anger
  • love
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Girl Quarterback by -lanawritesbooks-
Girl Quarterbackby •.˜”*°• Lana •°*”˜.•
#1 in #BeStrong - Jan 6 2019 #3 in #BreakStereotypes - Jan 5 2019 »»----- ♔ -----«« "don't you realize how rude that remark is? I'm not a rock. I have feelings, but...
  • quarterback
  • girl
  • spreadyourwings
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in which a girl who likes to make graphics shares with you a book of her graphic stuff. [✖] open [✖] closed temporarily [✖] closed for catch up [✔] closed forever ___ a...
  • covers
  • graphiccontest
  • leagueofgraphics
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A Twisted Dream by yara_dewan
A Twisted Dreamby Yara
Co-written with @busssshinny Pink everywhere and everything is pink. The sky, the clouds, and everything is plain pink. It seems like I don't know anything about this pl...
  • stepbrother
  • dreams
  • romance
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Tesline by LioraLaeticia
Teslineby brigita liora laeticia
▪■▪■▪ Entering Journey log▪■▪■▪ Preparing files.\user[16volts]\\ entering... Entry ...\186\Volta\journey log\|... Gemakarta, December 10 2070 To be honest, I couldn't ev...
  • wattpadindonesia
  • robots
  • teenfiction
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How to be the third wheel [ON HOLD] by xxoluomzxx
How to be the third wheel [ON HOLD]by ugh.
"Will you be my girlfriend" he asked me Well I thought it was me... ____________________________________ Eve Sanders was definitely not your average girl. Ther...
  • twin
  • hiddengem
  • youngadult
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The Ghosts of Willow Vale Manor by Amelia_Huerta
The Ghosts of Willow Vale Manorby Amelia
[Book 1 of the Laura Jackson Series] *Completed* When a new vistor name Laura Jackson comes into a small town of Autumn Groves, she hears of a mystery in town. A myster...
  • france
  • wife
  • poisoned
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Falling For The Delivery Girl by CaseyAndrina
Falling For The Delivery Girlby Casey Andrina
READ ME! RECOMMENDED! Letters are like masks. Open them and you will be reading something that will guide you to your next path. When Marc DeLuca opened the letters fro...
  • heartbrokenproject
  • wattys2018
  • emotionalrollercoaster
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A Lover's Dream I ✔ by FineSarcasm
A Lover's Dream I ✔by angiewu
{Highest Rank: #891 in Poetry and #75 in Suicidal} "Why weren't you there when I needed you?" My happiness, my heart is all hanging on a thread. The depression...
  • projectundiscovered
  • beautiful
  • heartbreak
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Checkmate (#Wattys2018)  by sarcasticunicorrn
Checkmate (#Wattys2018) by 🌹
"If you left me there and I died, your conscience would've killed you, even ten years later. " He stared back at me with cold, rigid, hurt eyes through the ee...
  • gyspies
  • hotness
  • gypsy
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The Story of How Flynn Wolfhart Found his Muse by overcaffeinated
The Story of How Flynn Wolfhart overcaffeinated
Flynn Wolfhart: smart, quiet and sinfully dull. He has huge dreams of changing the world, but lives in one with no intention of being changed. Through battles with his o...
  • teen
  • projectknowthyself
  • family
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Undiscovered Graphic Makers by project-undiscovered
Undiscovered Graphic Makersby Project-Undiscovered
Project Undiscovered isn't just about helping Undiscovered Authors, it's about everyone who's undiscovered! If you enjoy making Graphics and have under 10k followers th...
  • activities
  • graphics
  • comment
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High School. A word everyone dreads at some part of their lives because of the social system that exists there. But it's even worse when you have to keep secrets from ev...
  • reviewtheundiscovered
  • crownlaugh
  • thecrownawards
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Violent Delights = Violent Ends by steviewonderwall
Violent Delights = Violent Endsby Tori
They were only kids. Bogged down by the world around them, left with only one escape. But still, just kids. *a modern retelling of one of The Bard's most famous trage...
  • tragedy
  • romance
  • suicide
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Contests by ProjectBEdiscovered
Contestsby UNdiscoveredBEdiscovered
This is all about the contests to help you get discovered
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  • under1k
  • projectundiscovered
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Realms of Passion (Under Construction/ Editing) by Icyytopia
Realms of Passion (Under Icyytopia
21 year old Stacey has her own reasons to relocate. All she has is a crumbled note with an address, leading her to a handsome young man. Little did they know, they were...
  • mystery
  • regret
  • reviewtheundiscovered
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