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Rotten  ✔️ by FlatMatesForLife
Rotten ✔️by FlatMatesForLife
Seventeen-year-old Spencer has been waiting for this for a while now. Ever since he started watching a new TV show, he has been wanting an apocalypse to happen. Just to...
Children of the Ark ✔️ by FlatMatesForLife
Children of the Ark ✔️by FlatMatesForLife
Every three years a group of two-hundred teens get sent to Earth. After spending two years on Earth, you can choose to go back onto the Ark or to stay on Earth. Most don...
A Song Yet Unsung [POETRY] by let_alpha_write
A Song Yet Unsung [POETRY]by Boakye D. Alpha®
"A song yet Unsung" is a collection of poems. Poems about life, love, broken heart and the struggles of life. The author has combined together a life force tha...
The Guide To Punctuation by waltermelans
The Guide To Punctuationby Walter Melans
A small guide that'll help with punctuation problems, as well as grammar. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Although the author and publisher have made every effort to ens...
Journey Through The Permafrost by Pizzapassta
Journey Through The Permafrostby Jayy Morris
BOOK TWO Earth is a crumbling catastrophe and Skylar still hasn't found her father and now Chase has disappeared off the grid. Her mission: Get back the ones she loves...
one sentence. a lifetime of words. by PJOKCFAN123
one sentence. a lifetime of BlackCappedVireo
Loads of one sentence stories written! Hope you like! [#121 in short story- 19/07/16] [#10 in short story- 21/07/16] [#4 in short story- 24/07/16] [#2 in short story- 25...
Compilation of Consolations [#StopDepression] by downsincejuly
Compilation of Consolations [ y
-completed- To all broken people, Read this. Cheer up. Stay strong.
The NHRNL Family by downsincejuly
The NHRNL Familyby y
COMPLETED This is a joint project by myself and a few others. Do also check out @sheepswift 's version where he shows you the funny conversations we had, as well as @Hyp...
essentially a grown-up by TryingNormal
essentially a grown-upby James Joyce
"les grandes personnes ne comprennent jamais rein toutes seules, et c'est fatigant, pour les infants, de toujours et toujours leur donner des explications." &q...
Xorlali: The saviour Exists [#2 The LightBlood Series] by let_alpha_write
Xorlali: The saviour Exists [#2 Boakye D. Alpha®
Book 2: ~•~ In the busy streets of Accra, a blind woman is held by the arm by a seeing companion who thrusts a cup in the direction of passing pedestrians, move from ve...
Up With The Sauce by schizoparanoia
Up With The Sauceby Nobody You Know ;)
Random things on my mind, nothing more than that. Be prepared for a whole intertwined mess of idiocracy. This book is pretty much an outlet, more or less. A journal, an...
To Kill an Alpha - Book Two of the Crimson Hollows Chronicles by Pizzapassta
To Kill an Alpha - Book Two of Jayy Morris
You're real friends are the ones who do the dirty work... The story continues as Isaac, Floyd, Hillary, Adam, and Claire struggle to maintain a working friendship in the...
Ubuntu: A Tribute to Humanity [SAMPLE] by let_alpha_write
Ubuntu: A Tribute to Humanity [ Boakye D. Alpha®
We are losing ourselves - our humanity - in today's world as we chase after our individual dreams and fight through the challenges life throws our way. The idea of 'we'...
Just Fine (RE-EDITING) by romeoswift13
Just Fine (RE-EDITING)by Romeo Swift
Max wanted to try an experiment, but it wasn't the kind of experiment that Alvin had expected.
The Princess And The Poor Girl  by downsincejuly
The Princess And The Poor Girl by y
-completed- A teenage orphan, Scarlet Wynn was no ordinary girl. Not only did she have magical powers, but she was also a princess of a nearby kingdom. Despite the schem...
Am I Okay??  by bobbyboy303
Am I Okay?? by GREEN MIKE
Here is a little poetry collection I will try to build up and hope that people enjoy. Some poems may be inspired by my own life story and others will be completely rando...
Somewhere Between a Happy Ending by TryingNormal
Somewhere Between a Happy Endingby James Joyce
Lacey-Mariee Taylor was on her way to being qualified as an Olympic skater until the accident that took her little sister's life. Mystic, Wyoming is supposed to be a pla...
Homework of Class 1B by downsincejuly
Homework of Class 1Bby y
DEFUNCT Here's the homework of Class 1B. Strictly confidential.
The Possibility of Believing by TryingNormal
The Possibility of Believingby James Joyce
It's been centuries since Wendy Darling; the girl who stole his heart. It's been decades since Jane Darling; the girl who reminded him what love was. It's been years sin...