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Ruthanne Georgeson High by -starrsinhereyes-
Ruthanne Georgeson Highby ɴ o l ι α ѕ т α r r н
。・:*:・゚☆ Celebrated kids of top-stars. Trips to exotic locations. Finest treatments of unparalleled beauty therapy, cuisines and hospitality. And heirs to world's billio...
The Good Girl's Return (Book One in The Bad Ones Series) (BOOK THREE ONGOING) by ElisiaWrites
The Good Girl's Return (Book One Elisia 💋
"Because the one who feels? They always die in the end." "If you love dramatic, this is the book for you." -one of my best friends. "Nice to mee...
The Outcast Hotline by starkindustries-
The Outcast Hotlineby howard potts
In which two outcasts from completely different worlds find out that they're not so different... ... because of a wrong number. (a dialogue story)
Apple Pies and Stethoscopes (BoyxBoy) by animana
Apple Pies and Stethoscopes ( animana
Book 1 Harry is pissed. Really Pissed. His boyfriend of two years told him he was getting married. With someone else. Just after sex. ...
Rare Love by SmileCheerfully
Rare Loveby :) Missy :)
Scandalous secrets are going to be revealed, hearts torn and repaired, a guy who can't make up his mind, and a best friend who is turning tables. Life just took a curved...
The Way You Love Me by nerdinspects
The Way You Love Meby Anne Ancient
Ashley Donalds is heartbroken when her best friend, Caleb, rejects her love and dates someone else. But she is not ready to give up. She will be waiting for him.. Blade...
Harmless ☑ by ZarinLyss
Harmless ☑by Lady Curse-A-Lot
In which a girl who was always a bystander realizes the consequences of a few harmless jokes uttered by her peers. *** "Faggot." "Girly." "Gay...
The Bad + The Good by Profwisteria
The Bad + The Goodby Profwisteria
You've heard of a bad boy good girl story. Well the is a bad girl good boy story. Alexis Black is the bad girl of the school feared through out. Justin Hooding is the go...
Through A Lost Soul ✔ by 1Writer2016
Through A Lost Soul ✔by BroadestSnow
You cannot escape your fate. Seemingly out of nowhere, tragedy strikes Sophie's life. Sophie's childhood friend, Charlie isn't ready to give up on her. A ghost appears a...
He's Not My Type (Hiatus) by Author_Rome
He's Not My Type (Hiatus)by Antoinette
*This story is currently on hiatus, but I hope to see all of you very soon, as I'm working on re-writing it completely! Feel free to add it to your library and follow t...
Clovers (BoyxBoy) by twelveintheam
Clovers (BoyxBoy)by Nat 🌺
There was beauty in everything you did. (Written in journal-like entries) ~GORGEOUS cover by Stardust24601~
Beauty From Within | ✓  by sinfultruth
Beauty From Within | ✓ by sinfultruth
A story honouring International Women's day and teaching people to love themselves as well as delivering the important message that beauty comes from within.