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Divorce by lindavorjeinova
Divorceby Linda Vorjeinova
"I saw that little electricity in them that the camera gave out. She was darkness, she did not become darkness and she did not embrace darkness. She is darkness. Sh...
Just Ask Juliet by Percabeth5599
Just Ask Julietby Percabeth5599
Rebecca Reynolds loves being Juliet. Posing as an anonymous blogger and sorting out everyone's love life has her doing what she does best, giving other people their happ...
Thirty Years  by Ares37
Thirty Years by A R E S
"They write so many stories about heroes, painting them as powerful men who are always able to come to the rescue, but the real hero here is you. You saved yourself...
Breathe  by escapiist
Breathe by ❝wynter blake❞
in which a boy forgets how to breathe every time he sees her face. [ extended summary inside ] for all of these causes: #freeyourbody #bodypositivity #nomorebullying #s...
Southside ✓ by AimeeLew
Southside ✓by Aimee
we are the bane of the city. _____ alternatively titled: love letters to south auckland. _____ [ a celebration of diversity - in upbringi...
Asher ✓ by AimeeLew
Asher ✓by Aimee
The shadow of osteogenesis imperfecta (imperfect bones) has loomed over Asher his entire childhood. Having experienced more fractures than he can count on both hands, a...
How To Become A Spy by DorothyLydia_
How To Become A Spyby Meg (Dorothy) Stewart
Rebecca Winters is in her final year of high school and has one goal in mind: to graduate and become a gymnast. But her entire life changes in an instant when she meets...
Survival becomes like Living - Hope Farm Series Bk2 by Csteptoe
Survival becomes like Living - Csteptoe
Book 2 Survival becomes like Living - Hope Farm Series Book 2 The Rebel Human alliance (RHA), have started a fight with the High Overlord to win back there humanity...
Will you be mine? Forever?  by Crowned_princeZz
Will you be mine? Forever? by Ashy
"Ahem..." He cleared his throat... "Asalamualikum " he smiled...I looked everywhere but him...replying his salam... "Walikmasalam" "Ha...
Frail | ✓ by Aashi
Frail | ✓by आशी
❝You can't cling to the past. Because no matter how tightly you hold on, it's already gone.❞
Road Trip to Love (PUBLISHED) by Percabeth5599
Road Trip to Love (PUBLISHED)by Percabeth5599
(2014 WATTY AWARD WINNER) She doesn't believe in cliches, but on a road trip through the beautiful Italian countryside with an extremely hot British guy, who wouldn't st...
Screaming Love ▷ Lydia Martin (ON HOLD) by AmeliaMikaelhey
Screaming Love ▷ Lydia Martin ( AmeliaMikaelhey
Robyn Stilinski is the younger - by 6 and a half minutes - sister of Stiles Stilinski. Unlike her brother her parents didn't saddle her with an unbearable first name, so...
Imperfections by amie55
Imperfectionsby Lauryn Harmel
Poems about bullying, body image and depression. Some by me, some by others. #stopbodyshaming #nomorebulling #projectacceptyou #projectyou
Over Spilt Nescafe | √ by sammybammy124
Over Spilt Nescafe | √by sammy no longer writes on here
f a t e , l o v e & n e s c a f è fate chooses your demons. love helps you fight them. nescafè chooses whether to fight them or let them take over.
to be normal .  mikaela hyakuya by -tbhjiyong
to be normal . mikaela hyakuyaby SPIDEY’S ASHES
"I just want to be normal.... Not this monster that I've become" tbhjiyong© 2015 ;wattpad •discontinued for now• mikeala x OC
As Pure as Untouched Snow  by writingcrazed
As Pure as Untouched Snow by jules
Ana Belmonte has fallen in love with Jared O'Hare, a boy she knows she can never have unless she musters the courage to overcome the only obstacle standing in her way. S...
Perfect by _brebabe_
Perfectby Brenna Ashlyn
| Book 1 of the Flawed Series | CHORD IS ALONE With only months left until graduation, Chord is ready to leave everything behind. He's long given up trying to draw close...
Behind that Smile  | Editing by writingcrazed
Behind that Smile | Editingby jules
Growing up in a large, middle-class (if not lower) family had its challenges. More than I can account for actually. I had five older sisters and two older brothers. Thro...
She's Out Of His Mind by XinxRFian
She's Out Of His Mindby XinxRFian
He's the monster in distress, she's the lady in shining armor. And this is no ordinary fairy tale. On a sad stormy night, one crazy boy meets a non-existent girl. And t...