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The Worst Neighborhood ( Jelena Fanfic) by Meek_Mely
The Worst Neighborhood ( Jelena Jemma
Selena and her family left her dream life in Florida only to end up in a neighborhood in the Bronx, New York. There she finds a friend in the strangest of places. Selena...
Forever Equestrian by ForeverEquestrian
Forever Equestrianby Sarah
A collection everything you will need to know about horses and riding, from information on breeds and horse quotes to riding tips and equestrian vocabulary, and much mor...
Reverie  by TwinklySpark_99
Reverie by Wajee
I can define this writing as A connection between reality and imagery, the hopes and resolutions, the sadness and pain, or a journey collapsed with a train of thought...
Humans Of Coffee World by ShutUpAndCoffee
Humans Of Coffee Worldby عیشہ.
The people I meet. The stories I'm surrounded by. They inspire everything from Love and Awe, to Hilarity and Disgust. This might just be a glorified diary at some point...
I Just Wanna Be The One You Love by jahink
I Just Wanna Be The One You Loveby YourStepMom
Enemies to Lovers, or so they thought. The story of two rivals who were destined for the future.
The Power of Words by sumsami
The Power of Wordsby Summer Rudd Malavé
A collection of poems about the human condition.
My Life by hlschneide
My Lifeby hlschneide
Selections of my poetry that I want to share with the world
The cynic by scriptess
The cynicby scriptess
A fine book of "must read" poems. For from romance and heartache was poetry born.
Fat Chicks, Crumbs, and Profound Opportunities by fevek12
Fat Chicks, Crumbs, and Profound Kameron
Lucas is a jerk. Simple as that. He's picky, egotistical, and has a problem with fat people; and not just in general...but fat chicks. He can't stand them. But one day...
Bruh Moments -  A Collection by DRJones1425
Bruh Moments - A Collectionby Vishrut Upadhyay
Smol poems or thoughts that I came up with. Ramblings so to speak
Inner world by kidsstayandstray
Inner worldby randomly hyunjin's
Just an assortment of poems that are mostly about the bewilderment that we find ourselves in when it comes to life and how we connect internally to the external world. O...
Hippie Fairy Tale by brutneed
Hippie Fairy Taleby brutneed
Nourish your mind, heart, and soul with profound concepts of the human experience explored in this psychedelic short story. Full of magic, brilliant color, love, and anc...
broken bones by poisxnmind
broken bonesby lavs
because, i think, we're all just a little broken. poetry #44 - 03/21/16 gorgeous cover by @mountainy
Symmetry  by destellos_
Symmetry by 🖌
"There is Sun and storm in every blossoming. That is where the poetry lives" All rights reserved to @destellos_, 2016.
Letter to a Loved One by Emi_bemi
Letter to a Loved Oneby Emily's got jamz
Poetry inspired by broken relationships. A picture can say 1000 words, but 1000 words can paint a picture.
The dead man and the fox by alex_masters1
The dead man and the foxby alex_masters1
A regretful old man thinks back on his life, guided by a entity that appears as a fox.
Some Thinking Thoughts by Hi_I_Am_Friend
Some Thinking Thoughtsby Mixy
This isn't a poem or a story; it's just a short rant about an irrelevant idea that I have a lot. Kind of depressing, I guess? Sorry, read on if you so desire.
Inner Demons by wilfredoAcevedo
Inner Demonsby wilfredo Acevedo
Depression Release